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Sigh, when this focus of the press and people are actors are compelled to do this and sites like Gawker participate, it should make me want to throw in the towel, but instead, I think I want to double down.
Renée Zellweger’s New Face Is Too Real by Amanda Hess.


What You Need to Know About POODLE (includes a History)

What you need to know about Poodle is that when you connect to a secure server aka https there are several protocols and versions of said protocols available to create the secure connection. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) was the first, it was created by Netscape. [Side note it’s part of why they were giving their browser away they wanted to make money selling the SSL server to businesses so that you could have secure transactions over the internet, basically before 1995 all connections to web servers were insecure.] They started with SSL v2, v1 was internal only and never released to the public. Within a year there were a lot flaws discovered and in 1996 they released SSL v3. Also to feed into your Illuminati vision of the internet SSL 3.0 draft was release by the Internet Engineering Task Force in a Request for Comments The RCF are essentially the guides use by developers to implement the protocols.
In 1999 they came up with a newer protocol Transport Security Layer (TLS) So starting at this point newer browsers would first ask it the server supported TLS v1 if it didn’t then it would revert to SSL v3 (which is weaker) As TLS 1.1 and 1.2 came out this trend would continue. Where you’d start off with the best protocol and then go back and forth until you found one you both supported. This was done because a lot people don’t update their browsers or servers.

Now that you have the background. Some researchers at Google discovered a big flaw in SSL v3 which a lot of sites kept around, why you may ask? Because of motherfuckin’ Internet Explorer 6, it only supported SSL v3.

So the danger is that if the server supports SSL v3 your traffic can be sniffed. The responsibility is on server owners to stop supporting SSL v3 _but_ you can also, usually, force your browser to not accept SSL v3.


Tuesday Forecast: 10.14.2014

A new week. Another week when it starts getting darker earlier. But I digress. Diamond District, Dj Js-1, Sims (Doomtree), I’ve got high hopes for these releases. Diamond District is helmed by Oddisee and pretty much anything he touches is solid. Dj Js-1 is a Rock Steady Crew dj and his releases are like an x-ray into the backbone of hip hop, just check out the roster of heavy hitters that come out to make all new music with him.

Then there’s some other releases from folks I’m not too familiar with, like Kele’s (Bloc Party) solo stuff. And the other stuff that I’ve never heard of but has somehow in one way or another piqued my interest. Open/shut.


Tuesday Forecast: 10.07.2014

So, here we are. What up fam? I must say this is a pretty stellar release week as far as more out there, electronic, cosmic music. That’s a good thing. I am very curious to see if Flylo and Sbtrkt can elevate from their last releases and stay fresh. Same can be said for Caribou, Daedelus, and Hudson Mohawke too I guess. Then there’s the Heliocentrics hooking up with famed film rebel Melvin Van Peebles (Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song), whaaaa? You know that’s gonna be out there.

I am not familiar with the yungin’ Bishop Nehru but he’s gotta be worth checking out if Doom decides to do his debut release as a partner. Make sure to also check out the rest of this week’s releases for some more worldly other worldy vibes, including some from Brazil and the West Indies.

Over/out. thos.


Female Cartoonists Drawing Their Own Body

Common Folk loves art. Common Folk loves women. Common Folk loves people.

A few weeks ago, Buzzfeed actually had a pretty interesting piece about female cartoonists in a male dominated genre (imagine that) speaking and drawing about their bodies and self image. Definitely worth checking out. And while all are poignant and relevent, some are also hilarious.

Check out the whole article, here.

Some of my favorites of the illustrations and quotes:

lianna finck

“I love any excuse to look at naked bodies in a nonsexual context.” —Liana Finck



“We need women’s bodies in our stories, having sex and getting our periods and eating food and doing whatever bodies do, so that the things our bodies do are normalized and present — so that boys don’t grow up thinking women are gross or whores or pigs or any other horrible epithet.” —Lucy Knisley

katie green

“Comics has been the perfect medium for capturing discomfort that is very real but isn’t visible to others… It’s been part of a very emotional process of accepting what my body has been through in pursuit of imagined perfection, and in survival and recovery from abuse.” —Katie Green

“You are asking a middle-aged female if an industry, which traditionally supports and advances the ethos of primarily young white males, has presented challenges to her in the almost 40 years she’s been producing comics. Where do I start?” —C. Tyler


Great Video Series on Race

You can find their YouTube page here.