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Sigh, when how one looks is the focus of the press are actors are compelled to have plastic surgery and sites like usually progressive Gawker participate, it should make me want to throw in the towel, but instead, I think I want to double down.
Renée Zellweger’s New Face Is Too Real by Amanda Hess.


Yet Another You Can Be Defined (Version A Type)

Huffington Post has a post, probably just reblogged from elsewhere, 16 Signs You’re a Little Type A wherein they reenforce that everyone can fit into a box. Much like a horoscope one can easily read into these diagnoses. Rather than take them at face value I decided to have a little fun with them.

Waiting in long lines kills you a little bit inside.
I don’t wait in lines, there are not many events or items that warrant waiting in a line.

You’ve been described as a perfectionist, overachiever, workaholic or all of the above.
Overacheiver only because the competition sucks

You bite your nails or grind your teeth.
I used but it makes your fingers look gross so I stopped because I have discipline.

You have a serious phobia of wasting time.
Time isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted.

You’re highly conscientious.
Don’t think that because I understand I care

You’ve always been a bit of a catastrophist.
I plan for the worst and welcome the end of humanity.

You frequently talk over and interrupt people.
Most people don’t have anything good to say, I just don’t like motherfuckers, I haven’t meet too many motherfuckers I like.

You have a hard time falling asleep at night.
Nothing that a stiff drink can’t help

People can’t keep up with you — in conversation or on the sidewalk.
I’m usually three steps ahead of you in converstaion I skip the irreveleant details b/c you SHOULD be able to fill them in but you often cannot.

You put more energy into your career than your relationships
I learned to how to properly manage my time long ago.

Relaxing can be hard work for you.

You have a low tolerance for incompetence.
Results or GTFO

You’d be lost without your to-do list.
You’d be lost with my to-do list.

At work, everything is urgent.
Nope, I set my priorities.

You’re sensitive to stress.
Stress free, if no one is going to die then it’s not that important.

You make it happen.
Yep, I get shit done.


How to Lose an Easy Sale

Anyone who knows me, knows that I complain often and loudly about the fact that I live in the capitol of the richest and most powerful nation in the world yet I have to settle for shitty DSL with no option for FiOS or a cable modem. While I understand that FiOS involves infrastructure changes, I can’t say the same for the much hated Comcast (my local cable monopoly) Comcast simply doesn’t want to string a cable to my building. Despite my sole shitty option, I on a regular basis get ads for FiOS and Comcast Business services.

This week I got a letter in the mail touting Comcast Business Services I went to the website http://www.cant-wait.com/ to find out more info and for a mere $109.95 a month I can get 50/10mbps which is literally more than 10 times faster than my current connection. My hope is that if I’m willing to pay for business level Comcast they might be motivated to add me as a customer. So I filled out a form on the site and got an email letting me know that I would be contacted by a rep within a few hours. This is who the rep reached out to me (name redacted)

Did you need services??

XXX XXX, Business Services Executive
Comcast Business Services – Northeast Division
676 Island Pond Road, Manchester, NH 03109
Office: 888-895-2988 Option 1, ext XXXX / Efax 800-317-XXXX
Direct office # 603-628-XXXX

Earn $100!!!! Refer another business to Comcast and it's yours! Please call 603-222-7799 for more details.
Technical Support: If you are having trouble with your service please contact 1-800-391-3000 for 24/7 assistance.

I’m contacting you for a service that runs over $100 a month and your response looks like something that I’d expect to see on Yahoo! Answers. That’s a pretty solid way to ensure all of the complaints about your shitty customer service are likely true.

Yep this is all I get.

Yep this is all I get.


Privilege and Gender Politics

Recently on Facebook a friend posted this article from the Washington Post Funny how gender never came up during Bernanke’s nomination. Or Greenspan’s. Or Volcker’s.

My comment was something to the effect of:

My career in software development has exposed me to more of this bullshit than anyone should have to bear. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some super smart people and I learned tons from them. Unfortunately I’ve also been in the room (and few times when they weren’t in the room) where I saw first hand how since “they were a girl” they didn’t get the respect they deserved. S’s comment really resonates because very early in my career I didn’t understand how privilege worked. Luckily I grew up and was educated alongside many smart and talented people and at the end of the day I don’t care what chromosomes you have as long as you kick ass.

To borrow a quote from Roosevelt Franklin

Does anybody even notice? Does anybody even care? I think I’m way too smart to fall for this bullshit, but I realized I’m way too dumb to figure out how to stop it. One day I’ll figure it out, man, it’s like something’s gotta give.

From jezebel.com

From jezebel.com


God is Not Part of the Great American Past Time

Over the last few years I’ve regained my youthful interest in baseball, this was probably the result of a few seasons of my hometown team, the Brewers, doing well and that I live a long walk, short bike ride from Nationals Park. I’m not sure when this trend went mainstream, as a kid who spent most of his time growing around orthodox Jews my only memory of God and baseball is that Orel Hershiser wrote a book, Out of the Blue, that I read despite the Christian theme and the potential ostracism of my schoolmates.

Though now going to games has become at bit grating as God has taken a more prominent place in the game, a few examples of note. At both Camden Yards and Nationals Park on Sundays during the 7th inning stretch they play “God Bless America” because I don’t believe in God I show my annoyance with the song selection by sitting, which apparently comes with the risk of ejection. The second annoyance is the once a game playing of God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood because on the top of the vapid patriotism it is the worst form of music, country. The last annoyance though came from a video game series I’ve enjoyed, and purchased, over the last five years and it is one of the few reasons to consider a Playstation 3, MLB 13 The Show. In the Road to the Show Mode you can customize every detail about your player, name, preferred number, batting gloves, location of facial features, even if they were born in the US.* One thing I discovered though is that you cannot choose if your player is a believer. This is evident by the gesture my player “The Gentleman Tony Plush” made after a recent win.

*I’m not sure why birth origin is something you can select, I haven’t seen a part of the game where you deal with immigration or foreign tax issues.


Writer Highlight- Sigh

For this installment we bring you the southern gentleman, Sigh. It’s funny cuz I came into his work knowing nothing about him and just randomly stumbled upon a piece of his while on a 3 hour stop through Richmond. Then I started seeing him more and more up on freights and realized I’d seen him before. Apparently some haters call him a biter but style is style and what writer didn’t come up copying others until it became their own? Nothing new under the sun. Sigh colors outside the lines and got style and puts in work. Done.


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Photo by DirtyRotten2012


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