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Common Folk Collective @ The Seward (Mpls) Art Crawl This Weekend

Heads up to the the Minneapolis/St. Paul peeps, we’ll be at the Art in the ‘Hood (but you know it’s not hood like that) Art Crawl this Saturday and Sunday. Come down and say what’s up! There’ll also be some great CFC goodies for purchase; zines, 5×7 photo prints, and the Common Folk Journal (cough, cough, holiday gifts ya’ll).

If you know us, come say hi, if you don’t, come introduce yourself. For reals. Peeeeace. (I’ll give an update on our exact location but I know it’s in an old Coca-Cola bottling factory, or hit me up at thos @ thosart . com)


Beats to Get You Through the Weekend

From the always amazing Wonkabeats and Redefinition Records
K-Def cutting some OG Breaks…

Don’t forget to check out the free tracks as well.


ATM Security

ATMs since their inception been target for criminals to exploit, if not from robbing people after they use them, like the scene from L.A. Story, then from stealing your card ID and PIN number. I have a non-technical solution to the problem, bring back human bank tellers, it will create jobs, it’s pretty hard to put a PIN stealing camera on them and they are much more likely to detect a scam.


Happy Holidays

The Official 2012 DCDan Holiday Card


More Misguided Microsoft Marketing

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Microsoft’s latest ad for Internet Explorer—

The ad is clever, but like pretty much every other Microsoft ad, they don’t show anyone using the software. Though they miss the mark entirely, when I and every other web professional complains about Internet Explorer, our complaints aren’t because the browser doesn’t perform well or is slow. The complaints are related to the work we have to do on the backend to make our sites work with IE. The source code for this very page contains lines like:

<!--[if IE]>
<style type="text/css">
.addtoany_list a img{filter:alpha(opacity=70)}
.addtoany_list a:hover img,.addtoany_list a.addtoany_share_save img{filter:alpha(opacity=100)}

For those not in the know this means I have to work around IE and specific versions even to get the page to look right. In essence as a web developer I have to create the page once to work with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, then I have to go through another iteration to make it work with IE. The hate for IE comes not from the user experience of the browser which is fine, it instead comes from all of the extra work needed to make the page work with IE.


Holiday Depression Con’t