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“Only I Can Judge God”

only i can judge god

By Igor Baranchuk, Moscow

One of the better tattoos i’ve seen in awhile. This is stolen from Vice who’s doing a series “Your Town is a Paradise” in which they’re encouraging peeps to send in debauchery in picture form to prove how gully and cool their city is. Bonus pic from the Bangkok submission-



The First Ever Saturday Morning Link Roundup

Some of you know me. Some of you don’t. That’s okay. DC Dan has asked me here to provide links that I find during my regular Internet prowls. A few sources will be obvious if you’re already hip to my patterns. If you recognize where I got every single one of these, we should probably have a chat. Here we go, deep breath… Pull!

Smash TV – Memorex

Bicycle security

Cello fortress

History of wooing women

The Fire This Time -  Warrior Dub (Prime Thought Meet Mannaseh Remix)

Goedzak: Because One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Mixtape USB Drive

Heritage unit excitement

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook

Loaded Revolutionary War Cannon found in Central Park

Major Scaled

Girlfriend in Canada


GI BCS & Four Loko

Dear Abby

Free Schwabylon

Glass Farmhouse

Strange Fruits

Giraffes necking

Spray here, not there


Face Mug, In Your Face Drinkery

Peeped this over at the Juxtapoz blog and reveled in its simple genius. But why it gotta be a white mug? At least the coffee is how I like my women, strong, black, and bitter. To cop your very own, head over to UncommonGoods and purchase away. They probably don’t come with cookies and/or donuts but they should.

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Monday Maxim – Master Your High Life

This week’s maxim comes from Slug off of Atmosphere’s “Feel Good Hit of the Summer Part 2″

I ain't gonna tell you that you better not do it
But master your high, try not to abuse it
Stay away from me if your life's getting stupid
and please stop pretending that it makes better music

While drinking and smoking may be an enjoyable activity don’t fool yourself into thinking it fosters creativity and for Jebus’ sake keep your shit under control.

Leak at Will” is free on the Rhymesayers’ website.


Just in Time for the Weekend

From Good Magazine’s blog, where good things happen, comes some helpful hints for the hobby drinker. Us daily drinkers are pro’s and never get hangovers. I lie. Still get them and they seem to get worse with age. So, this list can help us all. My favorites out of these cures are the sex and the coconut water. Sometimes together.

10 Healthy Ways to Help a Hangover


While it’s not something I’m proud of, I’ve got plenty of hangovers under my belt. See, despite all of my healthy practices . . . I’m just not that great at saying no to that third or fourth drink once I get going. Bless those of you who are—and damn those of you who are immune to hangovers altogether!…
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