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!!! Mass Appeal Back In Print !!!


I’ve been meaning to get around to doing a piece on all the great hip hop/graffiti/lifestyle magazines of yesteryear such as Egotrip, On The Go, Elemental, and Mass Appeal. Well, just got good news that Mass Appeal is coming back to print this month with issue #52 (the last one out was in 2008)! The new issue features Blake Anderson, from Comedy Central’s  “Workaholics,” Odd Future’s Earl SweatshirtTodd “Reas” James, A$AP Mob family tree, Bun B’s coloring book, and “The Bombing of a Theme Park Painting in the middle of nowhere with TRUSTO CORP.,” and some more crazy ish for sure.

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“Only I Can Judge God”

only i can judge god

By Igor Baranchuk, Moscow

One of the better tattoos i’ve seen in awhile. This is stolen from Vice who’s doing a series “Your Town is a Paradise” in which they’re encouraging peeps to send in debauchery in picture form to prove how gully and cool their city is. Bonus pic from the Bangkok submission-



Writer Highlight Update- Swet

A little while ago we did a highlight on Swet and our graffiti brethren, Artillery, from down under also did a great posting with a slew and fury of Swet pieces:

“Black buff, one colour fill and all style. 30 reasons why SWET is one of the best.
All painted in The Hague, South Holland – 2012.
Taken from: 010fuss’ photostream.”

Check out ALL 30 @ Artillery



Kid Zoom Painting Process

This cat knocks out layers and layers of aerosol expression. Watch the process.

“Here’s a look at the process Kid Zoom, the Australian born, New York based artist, and his slightly insane cat go through with a painting, start to finish.” - Kingbrown Magazine

KID ZOOM process from KINGBROWN Magazine on Vimeo.



King Brown Magazine Release Party & Art Show

If you’re in nyc today you gotta go down to KlugHaus Gallery (curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles and John Leo) in Chinatown and check this party out. Mike Giant is going to painting a mural, there’s going to be skating and a best trick competition. And a gang of dope artists.

And New York is lucky to get this party. King Brown Magazine is a high quality art zine/book coming straight outta Australia. Boooooom. Featured artists: Morning Breath, Mike Giant, Andy Jenkins, Greg Lamarche, Chris Cycle, Dave Kinsey, “Grotesk” aka Kimou Meyer, Stefan Marx, Kevin Lyons, Raza Uno aka Max Vogel, Zach Malfa-Kowalski, Steve Gourlay, Jay Howell, Ben Horton

For the full press release…

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From the Juxtapoz graffiti division. They got a link to purchase the print too.