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5 Comebacks For Your Racist Relative During The Holidays

Thank you Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey. A worthy watch whether you have racist relatives or not. Luckily the few relatives I do ever see are the racist out of ignorance types and not the hateful kind, they just don’t have a lot of actual day-to-day interaction with non-whites (not that they necessarily don’t want to it’s just their reality is a 50 miles radius of 99% whiteness). So I have to remind myself to not get angry/frustrated with them, which automatically puts them on the defensive and only further alienates them, but rather come prepared with sharpened swords and mind darts. Francesca helps build the arsenal. Kill ‘em with wit.

Also, big ups to Boogie Down Productions “The Racist.”


( turned me on to the original article/video)