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Duplo explanation of population growth and climate change

A video that explains how population growth and climate change have come along over the past decades. The presenter is Hans Rosling, who also developed Gapminder, a way to visualize nation-by-nation data about development.


Who killed Olof Palme?

Vacation for me means few links for you.

Open Your Mind to the New Psychedelic Science
Bang With Friends?
New Grand Theft Auto V Trailers Released -Includes a Juggalo Character!
Assassination of Olof Palme
Een Echte Koning Draagt Een Baard
The Madd Wikkid’s Brassft Punk


Pants, pasts, PETA, PointCast

What a crazy week. Here are some links about fun things and maybe some not-so-fun-weird things. Keep thinking.

Classy Readings of Terrible Fan Fiction: in the kongs banana hored
Philadelphia MOVE Bombing Still Haunts Survivors
Anti-drug PSAs
What we learned from the movie Hackers
Yak Bak and Talkboy
PointCast: The Rise and Fall of an Internet Star
National Geographic airs video of first commercial cellular phone call
Gratuitous user interfaces
Pictures of Hipsters taking Pictures of Food
Mad money in the garlic black market
Bond: Explosive (from Classified [US Version] )
PETA Kills
A guinea pig’s inner ear can power a radio transmitter.
The Afronauts
Soweto & Sowebo comparison photoset
Magritte on Words and Images
Erik Johansson
Her Secret Past
The rapper who inspired James Franco’s “Spring Breakers” character
A Three Year Prison Term for Saggy Pants?
Hi-Vis Fashion
Reporting things on Facebook: is it worth it?
This image should not be seen by the whole world


Slow Links Week? Maybe.

It sure felt like it for me. More of the usual follows.

5bis rue du Verneuil
a sign for a lost earring
Repurpose old newspaper things
Memories of Videodisc
Victorian Internet
Stay Away From Power Lines
The Joy of Broken Jokes
A Self-Referential Story
Thanks, Obama!
Atheist shoes package study
The Most Important Date Ever
Recalling 1993 (click About)
Warren G is useless
Sun Ra – A Joyful Noise
Space opera in Scientology
Find a grave by claim to fame
Modern Day Slavery


Inspiration for The Not Yet Art Show

The passages from Moira Crone’s The Not Yet that inspired this collaboration:

1. Very Old Mice
Mice that should have had a life span of 36 months were living twelve years. His discoveries were based upon the work of many before him. He relied upon metabolic manipulation studies that went back thirty years and more—the simple observation that animals on a low caloric intake lived longer. In the 1980’s, starting with a combination of therapies involving his original “cellular rinse” procedure, endocrine manipulations and nano level monitoring and feedback, Albers initially developed a method of periodic holistic treatments that could be regulated to postpone the onset of age-related conditions virtually forever.

2. New Orleans Islands
“It had been two and a half years since I’d seen the city and at that time, the Sky Rail system had still been working reasonably well. Now it was half-submerged. Read more


thos One

final the not yet2

thos aka thosalumpagus aka totally thomas aka “fill in the blank.” Help me reach my goal of finding a new place to call home by my birthday (+/- a couple weeks), May 24. I am intrigued by Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Berlin, anywhere in Asia, exotic Baltimore, or any other places you might suggest. Who wants me to be their new neighbor?!?
I also happen to be into graffiti, photography, illustration, all things hip hop, and creativity in general. And I’m part of the Common Folk Collective. My Flickr page. Boooom.

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