Pants, pasts, PETA, PointCast

What a crazy week. Here are some links about fun things and maybe some not-so-fun-weird things. Keep thinking.

Classy Readings of Terrible Fan Fiction: in the kongs banana hored
Philadelphia MOVE Bombing Still Haunts Survivors
Anti-drug PSAs
What we learned from the movie Hackers
Yak Bak and Talkboy
PointCast: The Rise and Fall of an Internet Star
National Geographic airs video of first commercial cellular phone call
Gratuitous user interfaces
Pictures of Hipsters taking Pictures of Food
Mad money in the garlic black market
Bond: Explosive (from Classified [US Version] )
PETA Kills
A guinea pig’s inner ear can power a radio transmitter.
The Afronauts
Soweto & Sowebo comparison photoset
Magritte on Words and Images
Erik Johansson
Her Secret Past
The rapper who inspired James Franco’s “Spring Breakers” character
A Three Year Prison Term for Saggy Pants?
Hi-Vis Fashion
Reporting things on Facebook: is it worth it?
This image should not be seen by the whole world


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