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This is an amazing commercial


TIL:Getting Shit Done in DC

Today I learned that it that it is easier to setup an LLC in DC than get a marriage license. All it takes it is residency, $300, an internet connection, and a dream. It is easier to get a marriage license than it is get a one day liquor license for your wedding. For the marriage license all you need is the name of an officiant and the two people getting married, their IDs, a trip to the courthouse and $45. To get a liquor license for one day for your event you need to notarize a form, get a clearance from the police in person, have the layout of the venue, a certificate of occupancy from said venue, and a letter from the venue who likely require insurance, and $300.


Daily Evil: Motivational Quotes

Today’s Daily Evil: I put a motivational quote on an image.
Motivational Quote


This Week in Bourbon News

Suntory will buy Jim Beam so back relax and enjoy a stiff drink.


Drink Away the Furlough

DC residents hit the bars to drown their furlough sorrows
My Date (at the Tune Inn)


Antarctica Is A Strange Place

I got really into Antarctica watering holes briefly this week.

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