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Amazon Suggestions

Sharpies Condom Baby Stuff

Amazon only kind of gets me

I get the Sharpies and the Magnums but I’m not quite sure why it is suggesting the baby stuff, shouldn’t the condoms prevent that need?


Take Heed

Couldn’t be more well put. Thank you to whoever you are.


Song of the Week

People Under the Stairs carry the golden age of hip-hop vibe without being dated.

Warning contains the lyrics:
Rappers rocking skateboards that don’t even skate
Mad YouTube views like “don’t even hate”


Was just wondering where the Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Jadakiss, Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, & Black Milk track called “Hooded Up” is…

Well it only exists in my mind but the peeps over at the OC Weekly blog put together a post featuring five songs for Trayvon by Mistah F.A.B., Jasiri X, Tahir Jahi (from Kweli’s Blacksmith), Reef tha Lost Cauze, and Plies.

Songs for Trayvon Martin


Common Folk Stands With Their Hoods Up in Solidarity


This is for Trayvon Martin. I didn’t know him. I don’t know the man that shot and killed him. I don’t know exactly what happened and no one ever will. Regardless, this teenager is dead. And it’s ashamedly not really anything new.

When people with guns make bad choices there’s no turning back. None.

I’ve gotten my ass beat down, badly. But guess what, I healed. And I would take a beat down again and again and again and never would I be justified in taking someone else’s life.

Recently in Slinger, WI a 20yr old, Bo Morrison, was also shot and killed when he ran from a underage drinking party to hide from the police on a neighbors enclosed back porch. The homeowner went out on the porch and shot him. Obviously situations like this are never cut and dry. I’m all for protecting your home and family but there’s smart ways to do so and shooting to kill is not justified unless you are in immediate, imminent, absolute danger.

To keep it real, bad choices were probably made by all parties involved but in no way should either of these young men had to pay with their lives.

(The hoody print is from OG New York street artist Dan Witz, check him out and buy from



Yelling “bullshit” at a NYTimes reporter. Not who I want having diplomatic relations with foreign powers possibly having nuclear weapon capabilities.

(File under preaching to the choir)