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#1 Rap Song Goodie Mob “Cell Therapy” (Well, 20yrs Ago…)

Who’s that peekin’ in my window???

Goodie Mob. Had a couple great albums and then a couple that just didn’t click once a lead member left to make more good music, some dubious life choices, and some straight up evil shit (the Cosby effect?). But hey, if we transport back 20 years, according to the Billboard charts things were all gravy for the Goodie Mob crew.


Hump Day: Missy Elliot Bounces Back

Yea. I was saving this one. Saving it for a day I needed it and what do you know? Hump day seems to be just the right time. Missy Elliot finally comes back with a new single and accompanying video and to no surprise she doesn’t miss a step. Press play.

For a more in depth interview and what she’s up to check out i-D magazine’s exclusive. And for a list of what I love about Missy, she’s-

fun without the vapidness

conscious without the pretension or facade

thuggish without the ignorance

pop without being diluted

feminist without having to scrawl it on her forehead cuz she just IS

a rapper without having to have the prefix “female” affixed to it


Run The Jewels 2, Free Early Download!


Jaime and Mike (El-P and Killer Mike) are blessing us twice with a free, early download of their second album (I guess that technically makes it three things). Their concept is simple, make good music to give out for free and if you like it and want to support then you’ll buy a physical copy and/or go to their shows. Legit.

Grab the whole album of Run The Jewels 2. Buy merchandise. And check their tour schedule.

And big ups to Mass Appeal Records for putting them down.


Humpday Helper: Tycho Mix For Fader Spring 2014

It’s Wednesday. Time to kick off the shoes and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to meditate yourself into a different dimension than the day to day grind. Relax. Put this mix on and get yourself into a hazed half conscious state and let the ethereal instrumentation lead you into some lucid dreaming. Or do some crazy closed eye line drawings. Or some stream of conscious writing. Or do some straight up easy like Sunday morning fucking. All these roads lead to a happy ending.

Cheers to Fader and Tycho for putting this mix together.


Humpday Helper: The African Elijah Wood You Never Knew

Being an ardent music fan and a fan of Elijah Wood since his Wilfred days (where’s more episodes?!), I never put the two together. Luckily for us OkayPlayer/OkayAfrica did cuz apparently he is a fairly legit crate digger, specializing in Africa and Psych from France and Brazil, and he even started a record label Simian records. Finding all this out, OkayAfrica recruited him for their Africa In Your Earbuds series.

Proof is in the pudding.

Tracklist after the jump… Read more


Humpday Helper: TAWK TAKEOUT (Tawk Tomahawk Remixed)


“12 producers from all over the world remixing Hiatus Kaiyote’s debut release Tawk Tomahawk.”

Wax Poetics presents a remix project for free download of one of my more favorite new bands, Hiatus Kaiyote, coming out of Melbourne. I like. And this project produces some pretty interesting takes on their “future soul” sound. Geeeet it, mayng.