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Hump Day: Missy Elliot Bounces Back

Yea. I was saving this one. Saving it for a day I needed it and what do you know? Hump day seems to be just the right time. Missy Elliot finally comes back with a new single and accompanying video and to no surprise she doesn’t miss a step. Press play.

For a more in depth interview and what she’s up to check out i-D magazine’s exclusive. And for a list of what I love about Missy, she’s-

fun without the vapidness

conscious without the pretension or facade

thuggish without the ignorance

pop without being diluted

feminist without having to scrawl it on her forehead cuz she just IS

a rapper without having to have the prefix “female” affixed to it


Police use of “non-lethal weapon” kills teenaged artist

Various outlets ranging from the Miami Herald to the BBC are reporting on how police in Miami Beach chased, surrounded, tased, and ultimately killed an 18-year-old graffiti artist, Israel Hernández-Llach, known as “Reefa”. Some of his work can be seen on Flickr, including in the South Florida graffiti pool.