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Writer Highlight Special: R.I.P. To Nekst

The graffiti world has lost another king, another too young king. I saw something on the internet a couple days ago but waited to believe anything until I talked to someone who actually knew. I didn’t know him personally but it also seemed like there would always be newer and more epic Nekst pieces popping up. He will always be remembered not only as a prolific bomber but for his fair share of pieces and freights and trackside rollers as well. Everything got hit. And got hit BIG.

All I can say is that hopefully in his life and death, there’s a lesson for all. Go big while you got it and live to keep getting it.

This first pic is from a piece done when I was working across the street on the Bowery and the first time I really opened up to him being a major player in doing big things, and doing them in very insanely high profile spots.

Nekst Gaia

by sabeth718


by yayforYAY


by toxic waste dump

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Writer Highlight- Sigh

For this installment we bring you the southern gentleman, Sigh. It’s funny cuz I came into his work knowing nothing about him and just randomly stumbled upon a piece of his while on a 3 hour stop through Richmond. Then I started seeing him more and more up on freights and realized I’d seen him before. Apparently some haters call him a biter but style is style and what writer didn’t come up copying others until it became their own? Nothing new under the sun. Sigh colors outside the lines and got style and puts in work. Done.


Photo by thos


Photo by DirtyRotten2012


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Writer Highlight- Host 18 DYM

Host 18 is another writer that gets around location wise; city, state, country, and abroad, from wall to steel. You’ll also see him get up as 41 Shots, if you don’t get the homage you need to find out.


Photo by MentalRelease

Shots by Host 18 (USA) - Sydney, Australia

Photo by Ironlak

Host 18

Photo by thos One



Writer Highlight- Glue

Glue has got that sticky icky style that oozes and pops. Get your hands wet.


Photo by All Seing

~ Glue ~ Graffiti on a Train in Portland, OR 6-12-8

Photo by xXxBrianxXx


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Writer Highlight- Berzerker

Chunky, future, space crunk. It’s Berzerker. From up north to the world this writer has stamped original style onto many a freight, wall, and typewriter. Crush, kill, and make beautiful.






jwc 3o2

Berzerker & Huma

Crank Junky

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Writer Highlight- Atak

Atak is an all around balanced writer. From walls to freights to rooftops to anything with a writable surface. He gets handy with the whole slue of weaponry; aerosol, markers, fire extinguishers . . . padlocks. Like I said he’s a writer’s writer. Carnage zine (by Sabeth718) just did their premier issue on him and his partner-in-crime Hert. But it sold out with a quickness.

ATAK 2001 Freight
thos One)

(Sabeth 718)

(Joe Kane)

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