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5 Comebacks For Your Racist Relative During The Holidays

Thank you Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey. A worthy watch whether you have racist relatives or not. Luckily the few relatives I do ever see are the racist out of ignorance types and not the hateful kind, they just don’t have a lot of actual day-to-day interaction with non-whites (not that they necessarily don’t want to it’s just their reality is a 50 miles radius of 99% whiteness). So I have to remind myself to not get angry/frustrated with them, which automatically puts them on the defensive and only further alienates them, but rather come prepared with sharpened swords and mind darts. Francesca helps build the arsenal. Kill ‘em with wit.

Also, big ups to Boogie Down Productions “The Racist.”


( turned me on to the original article/video)


Aesop Rock + Homeboy Sandman= Lice! (Freeee)

Two great rappers, one free ep called Lice. Wait for it…let it burrow into your head. And just because it’s free doesn’t mean they cheated on the talent, production by Blockhead, Dj Spinna, and more. Big ups to Jeremy Fish for the cover art too. Bacon and eggs.

Also- “The music is free – but if you are feeling charitable, here are a couple organizations we recommend where your donation can make a difference:


#1 Rap Song Goodie Mob “Cell Therapy” (Well, 20yrs Ago…)

Who’s that peekin’ in my window???

Goodie Mob. Had a couple great albums and then a couple that just didn’t click once a lead member left to make more good music, some dubious life choices, and some straight up evil shit (the Cosby effect?). But hey, if we transport back 20 years, according to the Billboard charts things were all gravy for the Goodie Mob crew.


Hump Day: Missy Elliot Bounces Back

Yea. I was saving this one. Saving it for a day I needed it and what do you know? Hump day seems to be just the right time. Missy Elliot finally comes back with a new single and accompanying video and to no surprise she doesn’t miss a step. Press play.

For a more in depth interview and what she’s up to check out i-D magazine’s exclusive. And for a list of what I love about Missy, she’s-

fun without the vapidness

conscious without the pretension or facade

thuggish without the ignorance

pop without being diluted

feminist without having to scrawl it on her forehead cuz she just IS

a rapper without having to have the prefix “female” affixed to it


KidX- WebsterX and Q the Sun Drop it On Us

Yea, I grew up in the sprawling MKE area so I’m partial to the hip hop that bubbles up from around these parts but that don’t even matter, KidX brings some all around, universal cosmic slop to the table.

Fashioned around Radiohead’s Kid A, WebsterX and Q the Sun pick up the past and drop it in the now. Enjoy.