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Humpday Helper: Tycho Mix For Fader Spring 2014

It’s Wednesday. Time to kick off the shoes and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to meditate yourself into a different dimension than the day to day grind. Relax. Put this mix on and get yourself into a hazed half conscious state and let the ethereal instrumentation lead you into some lucid dreaming. Or do some crazy closed eye line drawings. Or some stream of conscious writing. Or do some straight up easy like Sunday morning fucking. All these roads lead to a happy ending.

Cheers to Fader and Tycho for putting this mix together.


R.I.P. Jason Brooks aka Brooks Golden

I learned the heartbreaking news today. Jason was an incredible artist and fantastic human. More later.


Tuesday Forecast

Yea. Tuesday Forecast been missing for a minute. Next subject (head lowered in shame).

No cover for Blueprint’s new download? Janky. But there’s new Wye Oak and Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur), yea a couple of artists I didn’t think would be so good until I got schooled. I also hesitated with the Styles P release, I was hoping to get something more than what I expected but pretty much sticks to his safe territory of busting caps and repping his hood harder than you. Oh well. To balance it out with a before unheard of future underground emcee Fel Sweetenberg. Rapper Big Pooh (Little Brother) and Roc C kind of bridge the gap between the two with their gutter indie rap.

And of course, gotta round out the forecast with some chill jazz, beats, and ethereal instrumentation. Fresh for 2014…suckaz. Peace.


Words Of Wisdom: ?uestlove

Last week ?uestlove kicked off a 6 part series of essays on called When the People Cheer: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America that takes a look “at hip-hop’s recent past, thinking about its distant past, and wondering about the possibility of a future.”

You know it’s good when when he start’s off with quotes from John Bradford, Einstein, and Ice Cube (from his N.W.A days). And though the title focuses on Black America it’s really all about how hip hop rose from a black culture and has morphed into a mass culture dominating the mainstream with music and style. Along with that integration into the mainstream a lot of the fury and counterculture hip hop was built on has been diluted and turned back on itself, using it’s own power to ultimately subjugate itself.

Granted, the argument isn’t that easy or cut and dry. Being so accessible to mass culture has diluted the original invigorating elements but that’s still mostly only in the hip hop you’re going to ultimately find in pop culture. If you dig, it’s still there, there’s just more crap you have to dig through. I digress.

So far the first essay is incredible and even if I have arguments with some of the things ?uestlove says he puts things in a masterful way that lends themselves to debate and give and take as opposed to an all determinate I am right, you are wrong. ?uestlove, enigmatic drummer and hustler of culture.

Read NOW…


This is How You Create a Viral Video

Just the right amount of time, great concept and amazing idea, well done Cat.


A Czech New Wave Film Starts Your Saturday Right

Daisies – Two girls, Marie I and Marie II try to understand the meaning of the world and of their life.
Lituya Bay – Deep Tone/Perseus, some drone from Oberlin
80s PSA about drugs
YCCPDB, a 1-man, 12-persona rap collective