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I’m Getting Old

If you aren’t aware of the Key & Peele show, I suggest you educate yourself ASAP. Their skits with President Obama’s anger translator probably got them the most attention. Though this scene had me in tears, because I like Key feel to old to “get” dubstep.

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You Are Ruining the World

Motivational quote of the day.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James

What if the difference is to make the world worse?


Song of the Week- Danny Brown “Witit”

This is a Danny Brown video so you already know it’s going to be on some other ish. This time he brings the scary future to our face pen & pixel style (I know you haven’t forgot about the ingenious design team behind the No Limit album covers!!!!).

I’m also realizing that anyone under 21 probably doesn’t get the Monica Lewinsky reference.


R.I.P. Tracy 168, True Legend

Tracy 168 T2B

Wildstyle (complex, interconnecting graffiti lettering) innovator Tracy 168 passed on this morning. He was a true New York legend whose influence is incalculable.


Inspirational Quotes

One of the greatest annoyances about Facebook is that it give people with no technical skills the ability to share their insipid inspirational quotes with a mass audience. Hell, there is even a site that has social media share buttons to make it easier. Take this one attributed to Walt Disney

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Really Walt because last night I dreamed that when I was a kid my parents and I lived in Georgetown for a year. I dreamed it so how can I make that happen?

Also no mention of Walt Disney is complete without sharing this

and this clip.


Tuesday Forecast

You should already know we’re big fans of The Coup but I’m also buggin out cuz they did a track with the homies Japanther. Sometimes the progression of music is so beautiful. It’s also a little crazy to finally hear from Cody Chesnutt again with his future past soul. And don’t forget to get dirty Boot Camp Click style with the new Sean Price, Seeeeeeean P. Veteran MC Craig G gets best album title of the week though, “Ramblings of an Angry Old Man.” But don’t get it twisted, he’s still tight.