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“Satellite of Love” by Mario Desa


It’s always great to see old friends get some shine. Mario Desa and I used to trade back and forth drawing skate deck graphics and then graffiti from middle school through high school. His skills were always on point and blew me out of the water. He’s been tattooing now for awhile (at Great Lakes Tattoo) but just worked with 1xRun to drop a brand new print and as to be expected, it’s dope. Scoop it up quick cuz it’s on the cheap and in an edition of only 50 (as of this writing half have already been sold).

Get yours, here.


Artists We Dig: GoddoG

Hailing out of France comes a young artist (Flickr profile reads: “Young artist // no kids, no dog but a pretty woman, and a beautiful home”) armed with a fierce arsenal of geometric shapes and color. While most of his creations are living large, literally, on walls of buildings he also has the uncanny ability to transform them into prints that look dope framed on the wall of a living room. As many of us know, this transition doesn’t always translate very well with a lot of graffiti/muralist artists whose work only feels really right when it’s in a very specific urban environment. He’s got a little Doze Green, a little Kid Acne, a little Roa, and a whole bunch of his own style. If you’re digging any of these by any means you need to check out his Flickr (where all these photos are from) for a lot more, here.


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F A L L I N G // 2 1 3 GreMs - GoddoG

_IGP7315 L'ennui W I L D S P I N N I N G EquilibriuM  APNEE E X U V I E IncognitO GoddoG & Pablito Zago P A R A C E T A M O L IemZa - GoddoG Géométrie Barbe bleue G E O M E T R I C K S WoKoNe // GoddoG Brain Man

(All photos from GoddoG’s Flickr)


Dave Kinsey Opening @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Dave Kinsey was pretty hot on the graffiti/street art/blah blah scene a few years ago with his gestural portraits with blasts of color (similar/different from Doze Green). His style was pretty instantly recognizable for better or worse, it was great but I was also unsure how he’d progress and push it further. He’s been seemingly laying low for awhile but now he’s back with an opening thursday, December 13th at the Joshua Liner Gallery in nyc. FecalFace has a little sneak peak and Kinsey’s new work looks kinetically awesome, it’s great to see he’s still putting out such dynamic work. Check out more @ FecalFace.


Hawaiian Choe-phie

I know these pics are from a bit ago but nonetheless they’re worth a revisit. David Choe remains and continues to be a true artist. That dude is fearless and seemingly immune to failure cuz even his presumed failures have more heart and more energy in them than most people’s entire lives.

Apparently, after painting the following mural on a Sunday the owner had a change of heart and buffed it by Tuesday. Had they been smart they would have chopped up the wall, sold it at auction, and retired millionaires. Anyway, check for a few more flicks after the jump. Big ups to the Hawaiians that decorated the then buffed wall with signs and spray paint of thank you and apology. And of course, follow Choe’s always entertaining Blawg (images are from Choe’s site).

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BaoHaus X Sophia Chang Art Collabo

Atmosphere and an appeal to the senses are everything next to taste when it comes to a restaurant and BaoHaus has got it on lock (yes this also applies to dingy hole in the walls, you know that adds to the experience). Not only does their in house playlist consist of classic hip hop from the 80′s to the naughts (classic doesn’t gotta mean old) which they post online but they also take care of your sense of sight while taking care of your sense of taste.

Enter their art collabo with Sophia Chang. She tackles the Bun Bao experience with a perfect combination of cute and hardcore, taking the bun and spittin out  a hip hop pun. I’ll let her work speak for itself…with assistance by the lyrics of Action Bronson, Tribe Called Quest, Camron, Juelz Santana, and more.


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The Owl Eyes of Brooks Golden Get Some Shine

Brooks Golden, painted an owl on the 16 Street wall beneath the railroad tracks near Paulina. Chicago Alderman Danny Solis, is stepping up a campaign to use public art to combat crime and graffiti. Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | Scott Stewart~Sun Times

Great to see the Sun-Times give some space to a great artist, Brooks Golden, and a great idea by Ald. Danny Solis. I know, it’s crazy to think public art would contribute to a higher quality of life. I use to chill with Brooks during high school and he was always pushing creativity and positivity and going for yours. The man deserves his props.

Read the whole article at the Sun-Times.