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More Microfiction, the International Space Station, and other stuff for your eyes

Well, eyes and ears. Faces, I guess?

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Artist Plug: János Kőrös

Enter the CenterDetailDark ThougtsWho Are You...Center of the StormFriend of the Night

Did you know they have sketchbooks in Hungary? And that they have pens too?!?! János Kőrös knows this dirty little secret and exploits it like a fat kid in a cake factory (there haven’t been enough 50 Cent references in the world lately). Anyway, these are just a few examples of some amazing ink he’s putting down in his moleskines. Check his page out for more.


BaoHaus X Sophia Chang Art Collabo

Atmosphere and an appeal to the senses are everything next to taste when it comes to a restaurant and BaoHaus has got it on lock (yes this also applies to dingy hole in the walls, you know that adds to the experience). Not only does their in house playlist consist of classic hip hop from the 80′s to the naughts (classic doesn’t gotta mean old) which they post online but they also take care of your sense of sight while taking care of your sense of taste.

Enter their art collabo with Sophia Chang. She tackles the Bun Bao experience with a perfect combination of cute and hardcore, taking the bun and spittin out  a hip hop pun. I’ll let her work speak for itself…with assistance by the lyrics of Action Bronson, Tribe Called Quest, Camron, Juelz Santana, and more.


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Reduced to Infant Humanity


This is beautiful. Hands down awesome. And fitting since I just witnessed a game of peek-a-boo the other day and wondered why? Why do the miniature people enjoy this so much? And why do the bigger ones of us fall into default mode and play these games that make no logical sense? Obviously there’s something behind the game that riles up the tyke army, the logic just escapes me.

And don’t get me wrong I’ve fallen victim to playing my role in it also. Just like when I talk in a stupid voice to an animal. I hate myself a bit for doing so but nonetheless it happens.

Regardless, the important thing here is that this illustration is art in the highest form. For me at least. And if anyone knows who the artist is or what the script says, hit us up.

(Image found at Zen Garage)