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RIP- Lou Reed (Damn Son)

It is with sadness that we share the news of Lou Reed’s passing. Here’s to hoping you are taking a walk on the wild side.


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late for meeting
Brand New Aesthetics
Who I Am
Amazing secret dungeon discovered under my new apartment
Nightwatch Paranormal
Drone discovers abandoned Renaissance Faire
Former inmates struggle to learn new technologies
Reward offered for death of George, the San Antonio Riverwalk duck
Rubberbandits – Bag of Glue
History of United States prison systems
What does the United States export?


Tuesday Forecast

Uh. Not much to say. Okay. Well. Here you go, some new releases for the week.


POS – Rhymesayers Free Download Available

Rhymesayers and P.O.S present WDELH/MDS/RMX, a Marijuana Deathsquads remix version of We Don’t Even Live Here, available for FREE exactly one year after the release of the original.

You can find it here.


Bad Lip Reading

This is really silly but it makes me laugh.


Matt Smith Day



Eleven years. Here’s to true inspiration for the Common Folk Collective. Cheers.