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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Volume 1

The Good:
Occupy Wall Street pays off debt while teaching a lesson about the credit markets.

The Bad:
If the Bloomberg to de Blasio transition were in another country, the reporting would make it sound as if a dictator was being overthrown.

The Ugly:
Life in prison for petty crimes. I’ll blame Reagan as he encouraged deregulation of large criminals while getting tough on petty ones.


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Prison Industrial Complex, Reagan and STEM

“Since 1980, the US prison population has grown by 790%. We have the largest prison population of any nation in the history of the world. One in three African-American men will go to jail at some point in his life. Imprisoning that many people, most of them for non-violent offenses, doesn’t come cheap, especially when you’re paying private contractors. The United States now spends $50bn on our corrections system every year.”

Guess who was elected in 1980?

Why STEM Education shouldn’t be overlooked.

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