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Bushwick Open Studios


If you’re in the nyc area this weekend be sure to check out BOS (Bushwick Open Studios) for 600+ art shows including this one at Burger it up.

““MODERN GENTRIFICATION”​ features the work of VATO, WAAK STF and MONEL, Three artist’s all from the developing neighborhood of Bushwick. “Modern Gentrification” tackles the controversial issues that come with the gentrification of working class neighborhoods and how it affects its residents. The artist’s will tackle the issue in their own respective style. “Modern Gentrification” will take place at Burger it up Located at 146 Knicerbocker Ave. Brooklyn, Ny, 11237. The show opens this Friday May 31 2013 and will run through the end of June.”


Scenario, Listen Locally and Kids

Check out the explanation for the line " onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-article','http://rapgenius.com/A-tribe-called-quest-scenario-lyricsbr/']);">RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW like a dungeon dragon.

The The Fundamentals ft Blu & Quartermaine local DC hip hop.

Where the kids from Kids have gone.


Writer Highlight Special: R.I.P. To Nekst

The graffiti world has lost another king, another too young king. I saw something on the internet a couple days ago but waited to believe anything until I talked to someone who actually knew. I didn’t know him personally but it also seemed like there would always be newer and more epic Nekst pieces popping up. He will always be remembered not only as a prolific bomber but for his fair share of pieces and freights and trackside rollers as well. Everything got hit. And got hit BIG.

All I can say is that hopefully in his life and death, there’s a lesson for all. Go big while you got it and live to keep getting it.

This first pic is from a piece done when I was working across the street on the Bowery and the first time I really opened up to him being a major player in doing big things, and doing them in very insanely high profile spots.

Nekst Gaia

by sabeth718


by yayforYAY


by toxic waste dump

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Dave Kinsey Opening @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Dave Kinsey was pretty hot on the graffiti/street art/blah blah scene a few years ago with his gestural portraits with blasts of color (similar/different from Doze Green). His style was pretty instantly recognizable for better or worse, it was great but I was also unsure how he’d progress and push it further. He’s been seemingly laying low for awhile but now he’s back with an opening thursday, December 13th at the Joshua Liner Gallery in nyc. FecalFace has a little sneak peak and Kinsey’s new work looks kinetically awesome, it’s great to see he’s still putting out such dynamic work. Check out more @ FecalFace.