Amazon Now Sells Fine Art

I discovered today that Amazon sells fine art. Though I don’t see how one can get their own art listed, my guess is that you’ll have to go through a gallery, which makes sense so that the market doesn’t get inundated with spam.

  • thosalumpagus

    Can’t really quite articulate my thoughts on this quite yet but this just seems wrong. Like if you want to buy a really high quality, state of the art stereo system you don’t go to the electronics department at Wal-mart where they have a minimum wage making teenager working. The art market is f*cked up enough w/o Amazon stepping in. I also wonder how it’ll affect spots like, 20×200 and

    • dcdan

      I think it is geared towards someone who wants to buy fine art in the $1000 to $5000 range but isn’t spending enough to visit a bunch of galleries (not only time but having to travel) and galleries that don’t really care about the people who aren’t spending in the $100s of thousands. What I hope it would also facilitate is a way for artists who don’t have the connections within the art world to possibly make a living with their art. Though I could be pretty optimistic.

      • thosalumpagus

        “Fine art in the $1000 to $5000 range”?! That’s an oxymoron, something must be in the very least valued in the $100,000 range in order to be fine art. Hahaha, I kid, I kid. But for real, I’m with you with optimistically hoping it opens up new avenues for underexposed artists and hopefully Amazon will work with sites that already do this like the ones I mentioned as opposed to putting them under (insert snide comment about Amazon and book stores).