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Happy New Year

Putting motivational quotes on images is silly.

Putting motivational quotes on images is silly.


Playing both Sides of the Hands


Race and Ethnicity Maps, All in All We’re Just Dots on a Map

Here’s something good for wasting away (but not really a waste) a couple of hours, Race and Ethnicity Maps from Eric Fischer. He’s taken the 2010 census data and created city maps with dots that represent skin color according to where we live. It’s amazing to see just how stringent the color lines still are. Segregation? What segregation?

Contiguous United States, Census 2010

The Contingent U.S.

Race and ethnicity 2010: Chicago

Chicago-Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, Orange is Hispanic, Yellow is Other, and each dot is 25 residents.


Check out a bunch more on his Flickr here.




Science for the Win

I’m usually not a fan of all of the lists that show up at the end of the year but this one about science fiction that is no longer fiction is pretty cool.


Krink/Montana Fire Extinguisher In A Can- The K-750


“750ml/25oz of premium quality matte finish paint and is capable of creating lines 4M/12’ tall! A unique Krink concept paired with Montana’s advanced engineering, the K-750 sets a new standard in innovation.”

Damn, a lot less conspicuous than hauling around an old fire extinguisher.

Via Arkitip.


EgoTripLand: Co-opted Xmas Album Covers


Now you know you need to head over to EgoTripLand to check out the rest.