Common Folk Collective started off as a weekly party in NYC’s Lower East Side with Dj Rev. Mcfly (NinjaSonik) and a small collective of graffiti artists but soon evolved into a philosophy for everyday life and everyday people. It’s ideology binds together all people that approach life in creative ways, breeding a common folk atmosphere of inspiration amongst illustrators, painters, graffiti writers, skaters, bikers, musicians, journalists, photographers, drinkers, authors, odd thinkers, d.i.y.’ers, doodlers, etc. It’s about igniting a thought or sparking a smile, just trying to disrupt the monotony of the all too common daily grind. Common folk doing uncommon things.

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    New Music Video: Gel Roc “Trust To Dust” (Dir. by Isaac Klotz)

    Gel Roc returns with the 4th official video, “Trust To Dust”, from his album “Beautiful Tragedy”. Fresh off his most recent video, “Why’s Are Real”, Gel Roc again teams up with acclaimed director, Isaac Klotz, to bring you another hued cinematic journey. Klotz is responsible for directing music videos for Abstract Rude, B.o.B, Busdriver, and most recently, Freestyle Fellowship.

    YouTube Link – Gel Roc “Trust To Dust” –

    It’s commonplace for Gel Roc to accurately describe the ebb and flow of life’s humble experiences in his music. A gift which has allowed him to dissect bigger pictures, stroke by stroke for his audience. With “Trust To Dust”, Gel’s approach is to influence an understanding between the decisions we make and the things in life that we have no control over.

    “Hurry, but don’t rush // Hold it, but don’t touch // Say it, but don’t fuss // You got it, but not much // Guess, but don’t bluff // Test, but don’t flunk”

    “Trust To Dust”, produced by Xczircles (Escape Artists), is opened by a fat, soulful bassline in harmony with a handful of Hammond chords. With precise kicks and rim shots, the voids of the rhythm become occupied by a game of hide-and-seek played between high-hat and shaker. DJ Drez follows suit using a unique style to usher you through the intro and alongside of the chorus’ by cutting and scratching Gel’s acapella throughout this song.

    Old, young, saint, sinner, teacher, student; the message is clear to us all…. In life we will inherit droves of information, we will choose to adopt many ideas – and as we decipher that knowledge, it would serve little to no purpose to withhold it from others and allow it to die selfishly within us.

    The “Beautiful Tragedy” album has been touted as “Arguably the strongest stylistic West Coast underground rap album of 2011, and hands down the most slept-on.” – Source: Amoeba Music “Music We Like”

    Gel Roc “Beautiful Tragedy” is available now in Digital format (iTunes) and as a Digipak (Available at Fifth Element & Access Hip Hop).
    **COMING THIS FALL – “Beautiful Tragedy (Revisited)” Vinyl Release – includes two new songs.

    *A FREE DOWNLOAD of Gel Roc “Beautiful Tragedy” is available for all media outlets by emailing info@abolanorecords.com.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406304771 Helen

    i’m the artist in this vid, a 12 pack’ll last you a while, you can get a few caps done, but i’d avisde choosing you own colours, cos you’ll no doubt use more of certain colours..ie black/darks for outlines+your prefered colours to work withif not get the pack, and double up on black etc hope thats of some useyou’ll use much more ink on dark coloured caps..white is always easiest

  • Jason

    Love the thing about paebak! Just wanted to point out his crew is ipc not icp. But awesome none the less!

    • thosalumpagus

      ahhhh, snap. lol. are you sure he’s not reppin insane clown posse?!?! doh. big time thanks for catching the typo, much appreciated!!! cheers. -thos

    • dcdan

      Jason as thanks for catching the mistake. Email me @dcdan:disqus (dan@dcdan.com) or @thosalumpagus:disqus (thos@thosart.com) and we’ll send a copy of the latest Common Folk Collective zine.