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We Left This Side Blank So You Could Help

The RIAA recently claimed that despite processing nearly 50,000 requests in the last month for removing links from their search index, which by the way are often bogus, that Google isn’t doing enough.

I think Google should for one month fuck with the RIAA and take the heavy handed, shoot first ask questions later approach the RIAA endorses. Give Google a list of your artists, song and album titles and Google will remove them from all searches, including the ones to the artist’s site, Amazon, Google Play, Wikipedia, references to concerts and TV appearances.

After one month of not selling shit let’s see if the you’ll bite the hand that feeds you again.

In God We Trust, Inc.


Song of the Week – Immortal Technique “3rd World”

Immortal Technique is for real, you’ll never hear him rapping about “money, cash, hos.”

Warning contains the lyrics:
I'm from where they're too pussy
to come film survivor
and they murder Coca-Cola union organizers


Tuesday Forecast

Excited for the new Cadence Weapon, based on previous releases this should be another “forward thinking, left field” hip hop release. Got a good Ron Carter (staple of sampling) re-release in there too.





Memorial Day

Thank Jeebus I can once again wear my white linen pants.


Monday Maxim – Jimmy Hats

Jimmy Hats are now in style
Cos you can't trust a big butt and a smile
Some are dry and some lubricated
Many companies make and made it
So all you Super-Hoes, wear your hat
Cos drippin' Jimmies is straight up wack
Keep in mind about Jimbrowski

“Jimmy Hats” by KRS-ONE of BDP

The Magic Johnson AIDS announcement was huge when I was in high school. In fact I had a t-shirt that said “Protect your Johnson, no matter how magic you think it is – Condoms, Monogamy, Abstinence.” So you should remember you can’t trust a big butt and a smile, you need to trust in your jimmy hat.


Proper Way to Cook Bratwurst

Very little compares to eating freshly grilled brats in the summer. I’m going to share with you a time tested technique for making great brats.

  • First boil 48 oz of light beer, regular beer will smell really bad. Keep a close eye on the beer because it will boil over quickly. I like to use Miller Lite.Boiling Beer
  • While you are waiting for the beer to boil. Cut up an onion into strips.
  • Once the beer is boiling put in the brats and set a timer for 8 minutes.
  • When the timer goes off add the onions and set it for eight more minutes.
  • While this is happening you should toast the buns, this can be done on the grill or use a cast iron pan.Toasted Buns
  • Your next step is to make mustard, get Coleman’s mustard and mix it with water until, it is slightly less thick than toothpaste. Note this stuff is spicy when you use apply it sparingly.
  • When the timer goes off it is time to brown the brats. Using tongs remove the brats and brown them on the grill or in the cast iron pan. Turn the heat on the onions down to low.
  • When they are browned strain the onions and use them to top off the brats.