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Writer Highlight Update- Swet

A little while ago we did a highlight on Swet and our graffiti brethren, Artillery, from down under also did a great posting with a slew and fury of Swet pieces:

“Black buff, one colour fill and all style. 30 reasons why SWET is one of the best.
All painted in The Hague, South Holland – 2012.
Taken from: 010fuss’ photostream.”

Check out ALL 30 @ Artillery



Missed Out: READ MORE’s Show @ Ditch Projects


For obvious reasons I try to keep up with my favorite artists, for unobvious reasons I completely missed out on hearing about Reader’s newest gallery show (granted it was in Springfield, OR (?)). Luckily, better late than never, I came across a post about it at Vandalog. Reader, Read More, OYE, Rancour, Boans, Books etc. etc. is killing it, inside and out.

You can also check out photos of the whole show at Ditch Projects.


New Swampy Print- Owl of Yawn

For all of those intrigued by the mysterious myth of photographer/artist Swamp Donkey who disappears and reappears via riding freights to every corner of the nation (and Mexico as well), He’s just dropped a brand spanking new print to help rustle up some greenbacks for his next big, secret project. And if you’ve never personally espied a Swampy doodle in some dark corner or train yard then you’re not living right and walking on the fringes. Hit up PaperMonster for the print before they go poof.



Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace

The Two Sisters

Mr. Wiley is back with the same style, different subject. Some may have said “Okay, his portraits are epic and novel in the treatment of their subject matter and decorative background, but where does he go from here?” (I said this, I wasn’t sure how he could move on or what his next step would be w/o being redundant.) Well, it was one of those obvious ones, instead of doing classic portraits of men taken off the streets of Harlem, do them of men from around the world, such as the political hotbed of Israel and Palestine. Good, but still men and too similar. Boom. He goes back to the streets of nyc but flips the script and changes the subject matter to the female. The ladies get their due, their well deserved due. Enter, “An Economy of Grace,” his latest show at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York.

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Cinders Gallery Artist of the Month: Maya Hayuk

I’ve had a crush on Maya Hayuk for a long time. It first started when I discovered her art through Barnstormers. For the longest time I had no idea what she even looked like but I didn’t need to cuz her work did something to me and made me a giggling little school boy. It’s been years and she continues to gift the world continuously with pieces of her explosive self, big and small (murals on barns to record covers for Savath & Savalas).

The Universe II

I was super stoked to see the awesome folks at Cinders Gallery make her the artist of the month and do an interview with her. They’ve done a tremendous job of giving support/exposure to true artists like Maya and others of her ilk.

"Cinders: what is your spirit animal? Maya: a chrome dolphin."

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Writer Highlight- Swet One

Coming straight outta Denmark. Reppin Copenhagen and the TWS and Fatboys crew. Swet brings the funk to his pieces. Clean lines and vibrant colors. Work and play.

Swet (junes187 Flickr)


Graffiti Cph, Amager (Till C Flickr)

Swet (Sabeth718 Flicker)

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