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JWZ is a Hero

jwz a professional software developer turned nightclub owner has released his latest YouTube download script.



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Front of the crates 06.28.13

Sofrito Super Discoteca Down Under Mix

“The original discotheque DJs of the 70s weren’t restricted by genre – they mixed up soul, funk, rock and experimental music to create the nascent disco sound. The Sofrito sound starts from the same point but draws from the tropics – combining bassline soukous, cosmic highlife, stripped-down drum edits, raw carnival rhythms, Manding vibes, scratchy calypso and modern productions that continue in the grand tradition of the discotheque, from Abidjan to Detroit via London, Paris and beyond…”

The PixiesBagboy


laser 3.14

I was in Amsterdam the other day and kept seeing works by laser 3.14. Not what you expect, on almost any front.


Marriage, Rotation, Jackie

As member of the clergy who is authorized to marry people I’m very pleased that the SCOTUS over turned the Defense of Marriage Act a victory for gay rights. (Though four of the justices dissented making them look like hateful asshats.)

Learn some science read about the Coriolis effect.

The trailer for the Jackie (of Treehorns fame) is now out.


413 Red Lobster Biscuits

So the urban legend traveling around the web right now about a man who lapsed into a coma after eating 413 Red Lobster biscuits is just that, an urban legend. Whenever I hear about Red Lobster’s biscuits I can’t help but think of the Boondocks episode. Skip to about 50 seconds in.