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Tuesday Forecast

Welcome to yet another week. Very excited about the Step Brothers (Evidence & Alchemist) album, both are solid on their own but when together garnish a special kind of chemistry. I’m definitely weary of the new Smif N Wessun reggae album but will have to give it a listen out of respect, hopefully it’ll fare better than Aceyalone’s reggae tinged misstep. Then there’s some great UK sample based hip hop, psych/jazz from norway’s Bushman’s Revenge, some straight forward jazz with Jeremy Pelt, latin jazz/funk/soul, some Mazzy Star type Warpaint indie, and another great re-issue from the Minneapolis based Secret Stash Records (who I just got turned on to by a fine ass young lady through a holiday gift). There’s some stuff going on, dig through.


POS – Rhymesayers Free Download Available

Rhymesayers and P.O.S present WDELH/MDS/RMX, a Marijuana Deathsquads remix version of We Don’t Even Live Here, available for FREE exactly one year after the release of the original.

You can find it here.


Video of the Week: Atmosphere “Ain’t Nobody”

via Mass Appeal

Here’s a pretty great video from Rhymesayers royalty, a little NSFW in a good way (but still tame enough to stay up on youtube.) Shout out to Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible.”


Brother Ali

Brother Ali is awesome for helping out people who are fighting foreclosure.

Why not buy his album and show him some love.


Turn Off the Radio

I used to religiously listen to the wonderful East Village Radio weekly Fat Beats podcast but a few years ago it stopped working as a podcast and fell off my radar and apparently has fallen off of EVR as well. Yesterday I discovered that the always amazing Rhymesayers Entertainment has a podcast and if you aren’t into the whole iTunes vibe you can stream it from their radio link


Song of the Week – P.O.S. – Fuck Your Stuff

As Thos pointed out P.O.S. just released “We Don’t Even Live Here”
and already he’s got a Common Folk Collective song of the week. “Fuck Your Stuff” has the first reference to Christopher Hitchens I’ve heard in a rap song, or any song for that matter.

The chorus sums it up nicely:
Listen , eh, my whole crew’s on some shit
Scuffing up your Nikes
Spittin’ on your whip
Kicking out your DJ
Rock it, then we dip
We don’t watch the replay