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Never Forget

1/31 was an inside job.


Guns, Guns and More Guns

If you believe that access to assault rifles and handguns makes you safer. I suggest you take a trip to Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.


Strange Fruit/Food Art- Dan Cretu

A couple Saturdays ago in Knile’s link roundup there was a link to the Strange Fruits project by Sarah Illenberger (via designboom.) It reminded me of an artist I’ve been watching for a couple of months. Enter the food art/manipulation of Dan Cretu

meat tapeboomboxcamera camera orangeeshelltoeicecream


Tuesday Forecast- New Music Releases

Not an overwhelming week. I included Dead Prez but I can’t vouch for it at all and I’m honestly pretty leery.



For the Paranoid at Heart

The MIAmobi is a leather case lined with “nano silver,” which takes your mobile device instantly off the grid:

MIAmobi’s™ SilentPocket™ prevents your phone company from tracking your whereabouts, and shields you from unnecessary exposure to RFI and electromagnetic transmissions.


This is fun