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“Satellite of Love” by Mario Desa


It’s always great to see old friends get some shine. Mario Desa and I used to trade back and forth drawing skate deck graphics and then graffiti from middle school through high school. His skills were always on point and blew me out of the water. He’s been tattooing now for awhile (at Great Lakes Tattoo) but just worked with 1xRun to drop a brand new print and as to be expected, it’s dope. Scoop it up quick cuz it’s on the cheap and in an edition of only 50 (as of this writing half have already been sold).

Get yours, here.


Artists We Dig: GoddoG

Hailing out of France comes a young artist (Flickr profile reads: “Young artist // no kids, no dog but a pretty woman, and a beautiful home”) armed with a fierce arsenal of geometric shapes and color. While most of his creations are living large, literally, on walls of buildings he also has the uncanny ability to transform them into prints that look dope framed on the wall of a living room. As many of us know, this transition doesn’t always translate very well with a lot of graffiti/muralist artists whose work only feels really right when it’s in a very specific urban environment. He’s got a little Doze Green, a little Kid Acne, a little Roa, and a whole bunch of his own style. If you’re digging any of these by any means you need to check out his Flickr (where all these photos are from) for a lot more, here.


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F A L L I N G // 2 1 3 GreMs - GoddoG

_IGP7315 L'ennui W I L D S P I N N I N G EquilibriuM  APNEE E X U V I E IncognitO GoddoG & Pablito Zago P A R A C E T A M O L IemZa - GoddoG Géométrie Barbe bleue G E O M E T R I C K S WoKoNe // GoddoG Brain Man

(All photos from GoddoG’s Flickr)


Swampy Video Diary


Swampy lives a life that you or I could probably only sustain for the length of this video. Get a glimpse in this trippy, stream of conscious, train hopping, graffiti, art video diary provided by the illustrious Swamp Donkey. Illegal trouble all day.


The Future Is Now


If you’re in Nyc this weekend you should definitely check out what promises to be a dope ass art/music pop-up show curated by No Agenda, Ad Hoc Art, and McCaig-Welles at The Highline Loft, 508 W. 26th Street. Some of my favs will be showing such as Dalek, Maya Hayuk, Cycle, John Breiner, Cern, Mike Giant, Indie 184, Dave Kinsey, Greg Lamarche (aka Sp One), Swoon, Thundercut, Morning Breath, and a grip more of talented mofo’s. There’ll also be a performance by  “revolutionary sound/music/noise group,” Gray.

You can check out some more of the artwork at McCaig-Welles tumblr.


Nelson Mandela Tribute By Phil Akashi


Photo from Phil Akashi’s website

I’ve been wanting to do a tribute piece to Nelson Mandela for awhile now (the best idea I’ve had so far for a t-shirt is “A T-shirt Does No Justice To This Man’s Legacy”). Lucky for us, I’ve been beat to the punch in the tribute department. Artist Phil Akashi did a mural in Shanghai of the legend by donning boxing gloves and punching a wall 27,000 times with a Chinese/Taoist ink and the characters 自由/”Freedom.”

Read about the location, technique, and watch video @Good Magazine and the artist’s website.


José Parlá “Prose” At Yuka Tsuruno Gallery In Tokyo


via ArrestedMotion

The ever awe-inspiring and affable José Parlá has been a busy man lately, from his commissioned work for the Brooklyn Nets’ Barclay center to his collaborative work with French Photographer JR in Cuba (documented in book form, JR & José Parlá: Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba) to his solo show now up at the Yuka Tsuruno Gallery in Tokyo. If you have a chance, definitely check it out cuz I can verify firsthand his work is much more amazing in real life where you can get dizzy trying to pick apart his density of layered script/tags. Peace to Ease/Inkheads.

More flicks of the show and his work with JR after the jump (via &…

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