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“Satellite of Love” by Mario Desa


It’s always great to see old friends get some shine. Mario Desa and I used to trade back and forth drawing skate deck graphics and then graffiti from middle school through high school. His skills were always on point and blew me out of the water. He’s been tattooing now for awhile (at Great Lakes Tattoo) but just worked with 1xRun to drop a brand new print and as to be expected, it’s dope. Scoop it up quick cuz it’s on the cheap and in an edition of only 50 (as of this writing half have already been sold).

Get yours, here.


The 20 Most Beautiful Museums In The World + 2

A couple of weeks ago Flavorwire did a piece on The 20 Most Beautiful Museums in the WorldThey completely failed and offended me by not including two of my completely unbiased, objective choices. Okay, “best of” lists are by nature never definite and are never all encompassing. They actually did do a great job but nonetheless i’m gonna throw my two cents in the ring. The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca, Spain.

The Milwaukee Art Museum. The new edition designed by Santiago Calatrava is an amazing addition to the Milwaukee lakefront/skyline-

Milwaukee Art MuseumArt of Night Milwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee Art Museum

The Museo de Arte Abstracto Español en Cuenca is located in a “hanging house” embedded into the side of a cliff. The building, the space, and the layout are all sensational and beautiful-

"Hanging Houses"Hanging houses 2 Museo de arte abstracto inside abstract art museum