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Gonz Takes You To Church

People being bummed out or not having anything to do, so what do they do, they ride a skateboard or they make art or they write a letter to god even though…you know god won’t read the letter. So there’s just nothing, there’s nothing much you can do in life except for do art and skate.


Writer Highlight- Sigh

For this installment we bring you the southern gentleman, Sigh. It’s funny cuz I came into his work knowing nothing about him and just¬†randomly¬†stumbled upon a piece of his while on a 3 hour stop through Richmond. Then I started seeing him more and more up on freights and realized I’d seen him before. Apparently some haters call him a biter but style is style and what writer didn’t come up copying others until it became their own? Nothing new under the sun. Sigh colors outside the lines and got style and puts in work. Done.


Photo by thos


Photo by DirtyRotten2012


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Separated at Birth? – Mitt and Bob

J.R. “Bob” Dobbs

Mitt Romney


The Don’t Vote Movement

I Voted

There is a notion in the hip-hop and punk communities that since the system is corrupt, if you vote you are taking part in the corruption. You’ll be betrayed by elected politicians anyway, so why bother?

I Voted

If you don’t vote you can’t complain.

There is one sign above all that makes it evident your vote matters, the effort to suppress your right to vote. You don’t have to look far to see how concerted the attempt is or how it is aimed at African-American, Latino-Americans and the poor.

If your vote wasn’t important they wouldn’t try to stop you from doing it.


Scary Scenario of the Week

What if Monday night’s game between Seattle and the Packers had been played at Lambeau Field?


Song of the Week – James Jamerson Edition

This week we’re taking it old, old school. Many of you may not know who James Jamerson is but everyone of you has heard his bass lines. To get a feel just how amazingly he played check out these isolated tracks from Bobby Owsinki’s blog. Yep, he’s that good.