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Geneseo’s “Automatic Music Can Be Fun”


Photo by Sharon Cantillon / Buffalo News

Preparing myself for the whatever-whatever that is the annual Grammy Awards, I came across a nice little story. A coupla guys who call their band Geneseo, after the upstate New York town they hail from (not far from a couple places I call “home”), were up for a Grammy for album art, against David Bowie, Jay Z, Metallica. They’re not a household name yet, but they partnered with a couple of local visual artists, Annie Stoll and Brian Gunert of White Bicycle to create a unique-sounding package with scratch-off surfaces. Looks like Geneseo got together an Indiegogo campaign to travel to the awards ceremony.

The article that I learned a lot of this from was from The Daily News, a local-to-Geneseo newspaper.

Excellent work, all.


Tuesday Forecast Update: Free Edition With Def Dee & Zar and Uncommon Records

Two more free album downloads this week.

First off, holding it down for the Northeast corner of the states, Zulu Delta by Def Dee & Zar (put out by MelloMusicGroup). Some more slightly off-kilter, Seattle hip hop with laid back but booming mpc beats, Pete Rock mixed with a little angel dust. Or some “THC and Joe Cuervo.”

Next up it’s a little mixed bag, compilation from Uncommon Records, Uncommon Burners 2. They also got a deluxe edition for sale with a t-shirt and remixes, including a joint with Prince Po.


Tuesday Forecast

Pretty decent week on the electro/electronic/electronica side of things. I’m still waiting for the Stevie Wonder song he told Diane Sawyer he’s going to write that’ll unite all humanity. “Studied [his] lessons, got vision 20/20.”



Two Free Album Downloads: Four Tet & MaG

Four Tet gifts us with a free album download 0181, recorded between ’97-’01. Granted it’s a one file mp3, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m never mad when he puts out some new music. Now I just need all the MF Doom remixes.

MaG also hits us with a free album download and while I can’t vouch for his craft personally I’m banking on the word of Mick Boogie, who hosts the LP and usually doesn’t throw his weight behind some slackers. RcrdLbl calls him an “ambitious, declarative and sprawling, MaG smashes through the rap wall and announces his presence as a refreshing new voice in New York hip-hop…”

freedom back cover

Via RcrdLbl


EgoTripLand: Co-opted Xmas Album Covers


Now you know you need to head over to EgoTripLand to check out the rest.


Song of the Week – The Coup “The Guillotine”

If you haven’t heard of The Coup you should educate yourself ASAP. The Coup is arguably the best political rap group out, imagine Dead Prez with a touch of humor that adds levity to Boots Riley’s grim messages. With the addition of a live band, they keep your head bobbing.

So it is with much pleasure that I share with you the song of the week “The Guillotine” from the yet to be released “Sorry to Bother You” (which Boots has this to say about it, “It’s as if Rick James, The Pixies, Ohio Players, The Clash, Salman Rushdie, Richard Pryor, and me went in the studio drunk off Sailor Jerry Rum (don’t do it) and made a baby named “Sorry To Bother You”).

Warning contains the lyrics:
“They got the TV- we got the truth
They own the judges and we got the proof
We got hella people- they got helicopters
They got the bombs and we got the, we got the
We got the guillotine
We got the guillotine, you better run”

Enjoy the Wizard of Oz homage.

As an added bonus The Coup has a Kickstarter campaign for a tour bus with some amazing rewards for donations, such as producing your album or spitting sixteen bars on your album or having dinner or a drink with you.