Geneseo’s “Automatic Music Can Be Fun”


Photo by Sharon Cantillon / Buffalo News

Preparing myself for the whatever-whatever that is the annual Grammy Awards, I came across a nice little story. A coupla guys who call their band Geneseo, after the upstate New York town they hail from (not far from a couple places I call “home”), were up for a Grammy for album art, against David Bowie, Jay Z, Metallica. They’re not a household name yet, but they partnered with a couple of local visual artists, Annie Stoll and Brian Gunert of White Bicycle to create a unique-sounding package with scratch-off surfaces. Looks like Geneseo got together an Indiegogo campaign to travel to the awards ceremony.

The article that I learned a lot of this from was from The Daily News, a local-to-Geneseo newspaper.

Excellent work, all.


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