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Song of the Week- Outkast “SpottieOttieDopalicious”

We’re coming up on the last official weekend of summer bbq’s and white linen pants. No better way to go out than on a wave of them Outkast horns. Chill.

“While the DJ sweatin’ out all the problems And the troubles of the day”


Tuesday Forecast




Happy 60th Bday Pee Wee!


Politicians Have Daddy Issues

I read an article on that pointed out many politicians appear to have “daddy issues.” This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. While in office politicians often have to deal with neglectful, absent and abusive fathers.

Lobbyists play both sides of the aisle, show up randomly and hope that the money they give you will make up for lost time and try to sway you to support their cause. They are similar to the dads who say, “Don’t tell your siblings but you are my favorite and I think you have the best chance.”

The financial industry conjures up images of a strung out dad showing up saying, “If you just help me out, just this one time, I’ll quit.” Only to come home six weeks later to find that’s he’s fenced your iPod.

The article implies that poor fatherly influences may have a positive impact on politicians by making them more sympathetic to others or thrusting them into leadership roles early in life. The other possibility mentioned is that their childhood creates a need to be loved.

I’d argue that it just nurtures a continuation of the neglect and abuse they suffered as children.



The Owl Eyes of Brooks Golden Get Some Shine

Brooks Golden, painted an owl on the 16 Street wall beneath the railroad tracks near Paulina. Chicago Alderman Danny Solis, is stepping up a campaign to use public art to combat crime and graffiti. Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | Scott Stewart~Sun Times

Great to see the Sun-Times give some space to a great artist, Brooks Golden, and a great idea by Ald. Danny Solis. I know, it’s crazy to think public art would contribute to a higher quality of life. I use to chill with Brooks during high school and he was always pushing creativity and positivity and going for yours. The man deserves his props.

Read the whole article at the Sun-Times.


Snapback Crackerjack Jah Jah Brown

Opening Ceremony did a great little interview with Jah Jah about his fiendish collecting of snapbacks and the based-god bart man Simpson. Mr. Brown aka Rev. Mcfly aka Ben Robey aka Blacktop Caramel aka the new school Fonz is not only widely known for his wallies, ghosts, and being in NinjaSonik and Wild babies but most importantly is an OG founder of this little Common Folk Collective. And yes, he has been heard mumbling in a chipped toof manner about “not giving a shit about shoes, fuck shoes. All I care about is hats. And fuck water, don’t dilute my body’s alcohol.”

Make sure to check out the whole interview at Opening Ceremony and peep all the photos taken by the chill Brayden Olsen.