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Tupac/Animal Chin Bootleg T-shirt Of The Month

Toronto’s No Fun Press has added another future/present classic. Cop one before they’re gone like…

“On May 29, 2011, PBS News Hour reported Tupac alive and well in New Zealand. Since that date, until spring of 2012, there was a widespread media blackout and coverup. Following ‘Pac’s appearance at a popular music festival, another cover story, this time involving “holograms” has been spread throughout social media.
No Fun has begun the only thing that seems logical at this point – a grassroots awareness campaign. Tupac Lives! HAVE YOU SEEN HIM”


Wackness: Plus Size Model?

I can’t seem to escape it and I keep hearing praise over and over for Ralph Lauren (finally) hiring a plus size model. So I’m going to address it.
I put this in the “Oh I’m native cuz i’ve got 1/32 Cherokee in me” category. Curvy maybe, but applauding RL like he’s a champion of feminism and the female body image is (pun) stretching it. C’mon now. Stop it.


Snapback Crackerjack Jah Jah Brown

Opening Ceremony┬ádid a great little interview with Jah Jah about his fiendish collecting of snapbacks and the based-god bart man Simpson. Mr. Brown aka Rev. Mcfly aka Ben Robey aka Blacktop Caramel aka the new school Fonz is not only widely known for his wallies, ghosts, and being in NinjaSonik and Wild babies but most importantly is an OG founder of this little Common Folk Collective. And yes, he has been heard mumbling in a chipped toof manner about “not giving a shit about shoes, fuck shoes. All I care about is hats. And fuck water, don’t dilute my body’s alcohol.”

Make sure to check out the whole interview at Opening Ceremony and peep all the photos taken by the chill Brayden Olsen.