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Sonic Poems

I sometimes worry.

Sonic the Hedgehog poetry
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Geneseo’s “Automatic Music Can Be Fun”


Photo by Sharon Cantillon / Buffalo News

Preparing myself for the whatever-whatever that is the annual Grammy Awards, I came across a nice little story. A coupla guys who call their band Geneseo, after the upstate New York town they hail from (not far from a couple places I call “home”), were up for a Grammy for album art, against David Bowie, Jay Z, Metallica. They’re not a household name yet, but they partnered with a couple of local visual artists, Annie Stoll and Brian Gunert of White Bicycle to create a unique-sounding package with scratch-off surfaces. Looks like Geneseo got together an Indiegogo campaign to travel to the awards ceremony.

The article that I learned a lot of this from was from The Daily News, a local-to-Geneseo newspaper.

Excellent work, all.


Langston Hughes – Annotated Map of the US

Back in the 40s Langston Hughes annotated a melting pot map created by Emma Bourne for The Council Against Intolerance in America.


Hump Day Helper

The Blank on Blank series has animations synced with interviews and is pretty informative and entertaining.
Check out this interview with 2-Pac


Artists We Dig: GoddoG

Hailing out of France comes a young artist (Flickr profile reads: “Young artist // no kids, no dog but a pretty woman, and a beautiful home”) armed with a fierce arsenal of geometric shapes and color. While most of his creations are living large, literally, on walls of buildings he also has the uncanny ability to transform them into prints that look dope framed on the wall of a living room. As many of us know, this transition doesn’t always translate very well with a lot of graffiti/muralist artists whose work only feels really right when it’s in a very specific urban environment. He’s got a little Doze Green, a little Kid Acne, a little Roa, and a whole bunch of his own style. If you’re digging any of these by any means you need to check out his Flickr (where all these photos are from) for a lot more, here.


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F A L L I N G // 2 1 3 GreMs - GoddoG

_IGP7315 L'ennui W I L D S P I N N I N G EquilibriuM  APNEE E X U V I E IncognitO GoddoG & Pablito Zago P A R A C E T A M O L IemZa - GoddoG Géométrie Barbe bleue G E O M E T R I C K S WoKoNe // GoddoG Brain Man

(All photos from GoddoG’s Flickr)