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A soccer player visits an abandoned hospital, and other links

Are we back to weeks of dozens of links? At least for now.

Symmetry, a palindromic film
Pizza Critics #1 by Chris N Paula NSFW
Like that recent okcupid stunt, but in 2012
USPS regulations on live animals
“I take the chicken butt for myself.”
Go To Church On Time – the chicken wing song
Carole Anne Kaufman whistles a medley.
Spiritualized – I Think I’m In Love (Chemical Brothers Remix)
Tom Tom Club – Genius of Live
Mom Meet Mom – a social network for mothers
Civic Camouflage: A WWII Neighborhood That Never Existed
Abandoned Steam Train and Pullman Cars
Two Hours in an Abandoned Hospital
The Setup Interviews – who uses what to get things done
The Top 10 Mid-Century Menu Posts For 2012 – Gelatin, Cake and More Gelatin
Crazy Sandwich Cakes


All I Want For Christmas Is Links

Confused Pig
The Harvest, a book concerning UFOs, Hidden Government, Illuminati, The Annunaki
Mormon-Centric Utah Epicenter For Food Storage
The Best of Code Switch in 2013
Strictly Beats – instrumental hip-hop mixtapes
Northern Soul Girl Dances to HAPPY – Pharrell vs Northern Soul
Parisian graffiti block “Graffiti Generale” preserved in digital 3d ahead of demolition


Year-End-Type-Things And The Usual Nonsense

60 Great Albums You Probably Haven’t Heard
SubNav DJ mixes
Awesome Tapes from Africa
The Pizza Underground with Mac Culkin
Maximalism – Songs About Pizza
arch8 – my true north (modern dance)
She Hates My Futon, a novella
Rejection Line
Field Guide to Imaginary Beings
A Peek Into the Home Life of Cosplay Enthusiasts
Sam Sandler, America’s premier Deaf magician
Global Village Construction Set
Philly’s Top 10 Street Art Moments of 2013
Graffiti Hunters


More Microfiction, the International Space Station, and other stuff for your eyes

Well, eyes and ears. Faces, I guess?

Hal grades your bike locking
Crystal to Blotter
Ask A Bartender
Ugly Belgian Houses
The world’s shortest commercial airline flights
Spot the International Space Station
Lyrics to Biggie’s “Juicy” with illustrations
Ripovisuals, large
Elephantine’s Fiction Friday
OK Go – Say the same thing
SIGGRAPH Technical Papers Preview trailer
What can we learn from superhumans?
Warriors of Goja on an Indian talent show
Jim Rose Circus (NSFW)
80s Video Dating montage
70s fondue party mixtape
Little Julian’s Secret
Everything’s carved from a single piece of wood.


Do you guys know that I like maps and stuff?

First indigenous map of its kind; U.S. map displays “Our own names and locations”
Vehicle registration plates of Indian tribes
Why Steve Jobs’ Mercedes never had a license plate
Lufthansa A340 worship
Experimental aircraft archaeology
“Robinson, meanwhile, forced one of the stewardesses to crochet a hat for Atiba.”
London tap-dancing ethnography
Marcel Walks To Metal
Space station commander Chris Hadfield talks about playing guitar in space
Hitting on girls in bookstores, a how-to
Interview with Uncle Fester, author of Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture


Civilization – What is it?

Was Marina Chapman really brought up by monkeys?
College campuses provide luxuries
Biker-druids, Stonehenge and the Battle of the Beanfield
National Geographic Trove
Modern art has partially been a CIA plot
Cortex – L’Enfant Samba
Permanent Vacation dance scene
bedroom artist(?) Oscar Scheller phones in album cover
the “extra fancy” knob
pocket Etch-A-Sketch hack
F bomb paperweight
Learn To Say F**k You To The World (animated short)
Good Girl Art
Unseen photographs of a legend that never was: Vivien Maier
Patricia Piccinini sculptures
Out of sight out of mind from ACiD productions
Steak, blood, bloody steak, steaky blood
Revisiting the Myth of The 12-Year Old McDonald’s Burger That Just Won’t Rot