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Harps, downtowns, and samples.

Cake Hotel
Emerging downtowns?
“in line” vs. “on line”
Plane finder
Some of my favorite days
Let’s Get Together and Be Alright
Harp Twins
The Breaks
Kentridge – The Refusal of Time
Ursus Wehrli
The Black Hand
Mark Lombardi
Charlie Haughey’s photographs of the Vietnam War
Preppy Guard Rails


If you’ve got a spare washing machine

One of these days, I’ll be able to file one of these posts that uses all the categories that you see under “Sorted Son”.

Guess my word!
Statistically improbable phrases
Heaven Will Protect The Working Girl
Please Don’t Quit Your Day Job
“I would be happier if I rode my bike more.”
Reverend Alicia
Monkey Versus Robot
Autechre & The Washing Machine
Street food, literally
Pantone Pairings
Color studies
Long Exposure of Francesca Woodman (NSFW)
15 nations under a groove
House-specific real estate songs
Pizza dance ad story
“Give me a dollar, or I’ll spit on you!”


Weekly links including wildlife and Public Broadcasting

Can Dungeons & Dragons make you a Confident & Successful Person?
The Thin Wall Challenge
Portland’s Whistler
“rewrite the agendas for our museums so that art can begin to serve the needs of psychology”
Things I Made by Cory Arcangel
Antarctic Artists & Writers Program
The False and Tedious Defective Brain Meme
Glaucus atlanticus(“blue dragon”) with Blue Danube Waltz
Art neurons, neuronal art
Genetics of cilantro preference
Cheese Flavour Map
Beast vs. Giant Bucket of Nutella
Dishes involving the consumption of live animals
Jeremy Clarkson eats an ortolan bunting
Slope car
bumpersticker bumpersticker
Authentic Music from Another Planet
Hip-hop in Karachi
We (heart) retro media
Radio New York International archives
David Lynch’s Creepy Anti-Littering PSA
A Natural Order
The Acid Sweat Lodge (NSFW)
Playground Jungle


My Mama Told Me, You Better Link Around

Some work travel this week, so I’ve been a bit light on the Internets. Could you tell? Probably not. Click click click, fans.
2013 Sony World Photography Awards
Modern Daydreams: Deere John
Fluxus Games
Music for Shuffle
Karl Stockhausen’s British Lectures
Feynman Lectures on Physics
Electoral college reform
San Francisco History 1963
You can stack cars
Roadtrip Mixtape iOS app
Songs to sing through
Stuff Whisperers Say
Why Plaid
Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
Green Porno: Earthworm
Goats yelling like humans
Indian Food
Stick ‘n’ Find
Yo Dawg, I heard you liked eating dogs so…
Doesn’t she look just like Laura Palmer?
Lost With Waters
List of legally mononymous people
Mayim Bialik Explaisn Her Love of Science
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Jeopardy
Teen Tournament Conclusion
First Jeopardy Tiebreak
Apollo Robbins pickpocketing
An Open Letter to Penn & Teller