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Wang Yue’s “Meitu” Tree Hole Paintings


wangyuee wangyueeee


Here’s something for a monday morning that, while being cute and adorable, is hard to scoff at. Wang Yue has taken to creating her art in the knots and tree holes around Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei Province. While art will always have a place on canvas, I think the culture as a whole gets elevated when it’s pushed forward and presented “outside of the box.” To me, technical skill has become less and less of a primary concern and creativity has really taken over. Granted you still gotta have some skills but we’ve already seen what the Masters have done and there’s plenty of people on the photorealistic tip. Wang Yue’s creativity is something I can actually feel.

It’d be really funny if she became as popular as Banksy and people started digging up the trees like they do with ripping his stencils off of walls. Then there could be a war between art thieves and the tree hugger army. I digress.

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Unintended Street Art Collaboration Storytelling

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Unbeknownst to the buff, they were providing a canvas and being part of an unwilling street art collaboration, “…and so a strange harmony was found between two opposing forces.”


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Hawaiian Choe-phie

I know these pics are from a bit ago but nonetheless they’re worth a revisit. David Choe remains and continues to be a true artist. That dude is fearless and seemingly immune to failure cuz even his presumed failures have more heart and more energy in them than most people’s entire lives.

Apparently, after painting the following mural on a Sunday the owner had a change of heart and buffed it by Tuesday. Had they been smart they would have chopped up the wall, sold it at auction, and retired millionaires. Anyway, check for a few more flicks after the jump. Big ups to the Hawaiians that decorated the then buffed wall with signs and spray paint of thank you and apology. And of course, follow Choe’s always entertaining Blawg (images are from Choe’s site).

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Co-opted and Commodified

I’m going to call this out and say this looks like a corporate stunt, looking to mooch publicity off of the “controversy” of “street art” (all quotes specifically intended).

I personally approve of making dough off of anything. Especially street art. Co-opt to the max. But I’m also pretty broke and would just like the money.

[ed. note- just realized this is outside a gallery in Paris. Same thing, all of the above still applies.]


Nick Stern Brings Banksy To Life

Most artists take a scene from the world and then recreate it through drawing, painting, etc. (landscapes, figure drawings). Nick Stern strikes genius in approaching this in a vice versa fashion, taking the art of Bansky and recreating in real life through his photographic series You Are Not Bansky. Banksy is fun. Banksy and Nick Stern is funner (Just like Arrested Development’s live action re-creation of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam).

 La petite fille et le soldat by Banksy- Bethléem

 dedicated to bruno jesus


 Banksy 'Bomb Love'



King Brown Magazine Release Party & Art Show

If you’re in nyc today you gotta go down to KlugHaus Gallery (curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles and John Leo) in Chinatown and check this party out. Mike Giant is going to painting a mural, there’s going to be skating and a best trick competition. And a gang of dope artists.

And New York is lucky to get this party. King Brown Magazine is a high quality art zine/book coming straight outta Australia. Boooooom. Featured artists: Morning Breath, Mike Giant, Andy Jenkins, Greg Lamarche, Chris Cycle, Dave Kinsey, “Grotesk” aka Kimou Meyer, Stefan Marx, Kevin Lyons, Raza Uno aka Max Vogel, Zach Malfa-Kowalski, Steve Gourlay, Jay Howell, Ben Horton

For the full press release…

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