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Hawaiian Choe-phie

I know these pics are from a bit ago but nonetheless they’re worth a revisit. David Choe remains and continues to be a true artist. That dude is fearless and seemingly immune to failure cuz even his presumed failures have more heart and more energy in them than most people’s entire lives.

Apparently, after painting the following mural on a Sunday the owner had a change of heart and buffed it by Tuesday. Had they been smart they would have chopped up the wall, sold it at auction, and retired millionaires. Anyway, check for a few more flicks after the jump. Big ups to the Hawaiians that decorated the then buffed wall with signs and spray paint of thank you and apology. And of course, follow Choe’s always entertaining¬†Blawg¬†(images are from Choe’s site).

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The Owl Eyes of Brooks Golden Get Some Shine

Brooks Golden, painted an owl on the 16 Street wall beneath the railroad tracks near Paulina. Chicago Alderman Danny Solis, is stepping up a campaign to use public art to combat crime and graffiti. Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | Scott Stewart~Sun Times

Great to see the Sun-Times give some space to a great artist, Brooks Golden, and a great idea by Ald. Danny Solis. I know, it’s crazy to think public art would contribute to a higher quality of life. I use to chill with Brooks during high school and he was always pushing creativity and positivity and going for yours. The man deserves his props.

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“Hip Hop On Trial” Public Debate

For all you intellectual Hip Hop heads, there’s a huge global public debate going down in London today. But its also going to be using Google+ Hangouts and streamed live on Youtube. Sounds a bit gimmicky and marketing-ish but when you check the list of participants you can’t really go wrong: ?uestlove, Q-tip, Krs-One, Dream Hampton, P.J. O’Rourke, an advisor to the UK Prime Minister on youth & crime, and a bunch of others. Oh yea, Jesse Jackson, of course he’s involved too. I’m just wondering where Davey D is and why he’s not involved?

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