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Atmosphere “Kanye West” Official Video

As cheeky as the video and song title may be, there’s some real beauty between the lines about relationships.

Slug just did a great interview with Okayplayer and he talks about releasing a hip hop album post turning 40 and what that involves as far as his growth and subject matter. He has this to say specifically about “Kanye West”:

 “Kanye West” is another example of a song where when I first started writing it I was like “Ah, this is cool cause I’m writing a relationship song.” I’ve written a handful of those in my time, you know? But this one isn’t mad. I’m not super aggressive. It’s not coming from someone who’s having a hard time with his love, but instead with the love that I’m trying to talk about. It was love and aggressive but it wasn’t angry. The 25-year old me would have written that same song and it would have been angry. I thought it was so cute that things worked out like that. Cute…there’s a great fucking hip-hop word.

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Humpday Helper: The African Elijah Wood You Never Knew

Being an ardent music fan and a fan of Elijah Wood since his Wilfred days (where’s more episodes?!), I never put the two together. Luckily for us OkayPlayer/OkayAfrica did cuz apparently he is a fairly legit crate digger, specializing in Africa and Psych from France and Brazil, and he even started a record label Simian records. Finding all this out, OkayAfrica recruited him for their Africa In Your Earbuds series.

Proof is in the pudding.

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“Hip Hop On Trial” Public Debate

For all you intellectual Hip Hop heads, there’s a huge global public debate going down in London today. But its also going to be using Google+ Hangouts and streamed live on Youtube. Sounds a bit gimmicky and marketing-ish but when you check the list of participants you can’t really go wrong: ?uestlove, Q-tip, Krs-One, Dream Hampton, P.J. O’Rourke, an advisor to the UK Prime Minister on youth & crime, and a bunch of others. Oh yea, Jesse Jackson, of course he’s involved too. I’m just wondering where Davey D is and why he’s not involved?

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Get Down, Good Vibes

OkayAfrica drops another Africa in Your Earbuds mix, this time created by South African “punk-dub ensemble” BLK JKS.

“For Africa In Your Earbuds #20 guitarist Mpumi Mcata crafts a mix as eclectic and uncompromising as BLK JKS’ sound — with tunes ranging from a deep-bass remix of Marvin Gaye to cuts from SinkaneDJ Mujava and Talking Heads.”