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To Protect and Serve

Slate has a great post today about the Boston PD trying to infiltrate the DIY punk scene. The lame attempts to fit in are funny, if not pathetic, but is this really where the police force should focus their efforts?


Get Down, Good Vibes

OkayAfrica drops another Africa in Your Earbuds mix, this time created by South African “punk-dub ensemble” BLK JKS.

“For Africa In Your Earbuds #20 guitarist Mpumi Mcata crafts a mix as eclectic and uncompromising as BLK JKS’ sound — with tunes ranging from a deep-bass remix of Marvin Gaye to cuts from SinkaneDJ Mujava and Talking Heads.”


New Japanther Video- Lil Taste!

Japanther are the homies. Matt and Ian are cultural populists that rip sh*t and do art and punk without borders or restrictions. They have the ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ attitude but it’s in the sense that regardless of whether or not you care, they’ll keep trailblazing and putting on amazing shows and creating community. Beets, Limes, and Rice is awesome. Got mine on transluscent orange vinyl!


NinjaSonik- New EP

Common Folk brethren NinjaSonik just recently dropped a new EP, No Swords or Masks, on Decon records-

“Reverend McFly and Telli Gramz turn a keen ear to this record, incorporating production from David Sisko, Soundwaave, and Plain Pat among others. Lyrically, the duo has never been sharper- though subject matter primarily touches on women, partying, and partying with women- proficient wordplay and cadence align them with the best hip-hop spitters. Verses from Mr. Starcity, Ifsonive, Daniel Merriweather, Shyvonne & Johnny on The Rocks (of Rocky Business) seal the deal.”

It’s always good to see friends progress and have good things happen. Oh, and if you don’t know, GO SEE THESE CAVE MAN SAVS LIVE.