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Humpday Helper: Tycho Mix For Fader Spring 2014

It’s Wednesday. Time to kick off the shoes and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to meditate yourself into a different dimension than the day to day grind. Relax. Put this mix on and get yourself into a hazed half conscious state and let the ethereal instrumentation lead you into some lucid dreaming. Or do some crazy closed eye line drawings. Or some stream of conscious writing. Or do some straight up easy like Sunday morning fucking. All these roads lead to a happy ending.

Cheers to Fader and Tycho for putting this mix together.


Two Free Album Downloads: Four Tet & MaG

Four Tet gifts us with a free album download 0181, recorded between ’97-’01. Granted it’s a one file mp3, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m never mad when he puts out some new music. Now I just need all the MF Doom remixes.

MaG also hits us with a free album download and while I can’t vouch for his craft personally I’m banking on the word of Mick Boogie, who hosts the LP and usually doesn’t throw his weight behind some slackers. RcrdLbl calls him an “ambitious, declarative and sprawling, MaG smashes through the rap wall and announces his presence as a refreshing new voice in New York hip-hop…”

freedom back cover

Via RcrdLbl


Tuesday Forecast (It’s A Big One)

Damn. Big one this week. Scroll through and check ‘em out. Besides the obvious, Nas and Frank Ocean, I’m really digging Motel Mari and Murs did a collabo with a graphic novel! Then there’s the Alchemist, Piano Overlord (Prefuse 73), Com Truise, and on and on…




Murs and Josh Braylock- Yumiko. Available from AccessHipHop


NinjaSonik- New EP

Common Folk brethren NinjaSonik just recently dropped a new EP, No Swords or Masks, on Decon records-

“Reverend McFly and Telli Gramz turn a keen ear to this record, incorporating production from David Sisko, Soundwaave, and Plain Pat among others. Lyrically, the duo has never been sharper- though subject matter primarily touches on women, partying, and partying with women- proficient wordplay and cadence align them with the best hip-hop spitters. Verses from Mr. Starcity, Ifsonive, Daniel Merriweather, Shyvonne & Johnny on The Rocks (of Rocky Business) seal the deal.”

It’s always good to see friends progress and have good things happen. Oh, and if you don’t know, GO SEE THESE CAVE MAN SAVS LIVE.