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Humpday Helper: Tycho Mix For Fader Spring 2014

It’s Wednesday. Time to kick off the shoes and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to meditate yourself into a different dimension than the day to day grind. Relax. Put this mix on and get yourself into a hazed half conscious state and let the ethereal instrumentation lead you into some lucid dreaming. Or do some crazy closed eye line drawings. Or some stream of conscious writing. Or do some straight up easy like Sunday morning fucking. All these roads lead to a happy ending.

Cheers to Fader and Tycho for putting this mix together.


Yusef Lateef Tribute Mix

I may have failed to post about the passing of jazz giant Yusef Lateef but it did not go by without my notice. And thankfully a myriad of others were much more johnny on the spot with their tributes, including one of the hardest working men in the game, Giles Peterson (a giant in his own right). Here he blesses us with a tribute mix to one of my all time favorite jazz cats. You should also check out some of Yusef Lateef’s essays and visual artwork. Peace Mr. Lateef, you sure enough deserve it.


DJ Neil Armstrong- All Out King #6

DJ Neil Armstrong (5th Platoon/Jay-Z’s DJ) brings out the last in his AOK series, slinging his pot of gumbo filled with the right mix of the samples and the sampled. This is just a taste (the first half)…

Pick up this mix and others on [warning Google Chrome gave a me a warning about this link] his site. The whole track list after the jump… Read more