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You Know That Catchy Goyte Song? It’s A Sample


The good folks over at EgoTripLand.com have a running segment in which they ask some favorite producers/djs to list their 10 favorite sample flips. In a recent query they asked Party Supplies to supply their list which includes some great ones including The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” Rihanna’s “Umbrella” being an Apple GarageBand stock loop, and of course, the Goyte sample for “Somebody That You Used To Know.”

Check out these and all the other unearthed goodies here.

(Can’t not mention there’s also a breakdown of a J. Dilla song that includes Frank Zappa, Lou Rawls, and Galt MacDermot on the same track)


DJ Neil Armstrong- All Out King #6

DJ Neil Armstrong (5th Platoon/Jay-Z’s DJ) brings out the last in his AOK series, slinging his pot of gumbo filled with the right mix of the samples and the sampled. This is just a taste (the first half)…

Pick up this mix and others on [warning Google Chrome gave a me a warning about this link] his site. The whole track list after the jump… Read more