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Humpday Helper: Tycho Mix For Fader Spring 2014

It’s Wednesday. Time to kick off the shoes and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to meditate yourself into a different dimension than the day to day grind. Relax. Put this mix on and get yourself into a hazed half conscious state and let the ethereal instrumentation lead you into some lucid dreaming. Or do some crazy closed eye line drawings. Or some stream of conscious writing. Or do some straight up easy like Sunday morning fucking. All these roads lead to a happy ending.

Cheers to Fader and Tycho for putting this mix together.


Beats to Get You Through the Weekend

From the always amazing Wonkabeats and Redefinition Records
K-Def cutting some OG Breaks…

Don’t forget to check out the free tracks as well.


Song of the Week – Oddisee – Ready to Rock

Now for a little local DC flavor, this week the song comes from local hero Oddisee “Ready to Rock”

Make sure to pick up this album I did and I don’t regret it for a minute.