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Tuesday Forecast: New Music Releases

Well, Deltron 3030 is back. Excited, yes. Reticent, yes. We also got some real quality instrumental hip hop, which is a misnomer cuz it’s more complex and composed than just beats without the lyrics. Also, it’s worthy to note that if you get the Oddisee at the MelloMusicGroup Bandcamp store it comes with a free download of Tangible Dream (which does include fresh beats with emcees). Theo Parrish mixes some classic out there jazznasty joints from the Black Jazz label, which also comes with the unmixed versions. After that you got some Japanese punk, fuzz rock, and other electronic, songstress, avant garde madness. Fresh for 2013 you suuuuuuuuuckas…




Song of the Week – Oddisee – Ready to Rock

Now for a little local DC flavor, this week the song comes from local hero Oddisee “Ready to Rock”

Make sure to pick up this album I did and I don’t regret it for a minute.


Front of the Crates- Odd(isee) Edition Free Ep Download!

In lieu of there being much of anything officially coming out today except for Killer Mike (all produced by El-P (company flow), whaa?), Oddisee is dropping a free EP of remixes! Trying to promo up for his upcoming release (“People Hear What They See” out June 12th), “Odd Renditions” gives us some re-working of Marvin Gaye, Bon Iver, and others. Definitely all around Common Folk approved with big thumbs up. It’s also a feature on the music go to site, Stereogum.

From his blog, Oddisee says “In a perfect world, you’d hear ‘Odd Renditions’, love it & say…

‘Man this is really good & free! I should buy this guys album!’”

Do it. Download here. And check out the remix video of Marvin Gaye’s “Peculiar” below.