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Ice Cube Presents Monday Maxim

We’re rolling out a new weekly feature, the Monday Maxim. We’re going to tell you how to run your life by culling maxims from the annals of hip hop quotables.

maxim |ˈmaksim|noun, a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct: the maxim that actions speak louder than words.

Ice Cube:

“And don’t give me that shit about role model
It ain’t wise to chastise and preach
Just open the eyes of each
Cause laws are made to be broken up”


Song of the Week- Diverse “Escape Earth”

The man hasn’t put out a full album since 2003′s One A.M. and then comes and drops this and kills it. Where’s the new album?!?! “Escape Earth” is an ethereal jam and a super dope video to go with it.



NinjaSonik- New EP

Common Folk brethren NinjaSonik just recently dropped a new EP, No Swords or Masks, on Decon records-

“Reverend McFly and Telli Gramz turn a keen ear to this record, incorporating production from David Sisko, Soundwaave, and Plain Pat among others. Lyrically, the duo has never been sharper- though subject matter primarily touches on women, partying, and partying with women- proficient wordplay and cadence align them with the best hip-hop spitters. Verses from Mr. Starcity, Ifsonive, Daniel Merriweather, Shyvonne & Johnny on The Rocks (of Rocky Business) seal the deal.”

It’s always good to see friends progress and have good things happen. Oh, and if you don’t know, GO SEE THESE CAVE MAN SAVS LIVE.



Song of the Week

Looking ahead to this coming weekend, we offer you the real resurrection. Common Sense’s (yes, when he still had the sense) Resurrection.

Classic material from a classic album. Cheers.


Was just wondering where the Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Jadakiss, Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, & Black Milk track called “Hooded Up” is…

Well it only exists in my mind but the peeps over at the OC Weekly blog put together a post featuring five songs for Trayvon by Mistah F.A.B., Jasiri X, Tahir Jahi (from Kweli’s Blacksmith), Reef tha Lost Cauze, and Plies.

Songs for Trayvon Martin