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Monday Maxim- Get Yours

"I said you're the type of girl that I can't pass over
Give me one chance and I'll bend your ass over
Just call me the plumber at the end of the night
Cause a nigga like me'll lay plenty of pipe
She didn't get offended it was splendid to me
Cause mister nice guy is what I pretended to be
I guess I just wine her and dine her
And by the end of the night I'll be behind her
Waxing that ass like Rain Dance"

Ice Cube, “I’m Only Out For One Thang” Amerikkka’s Most Wanted

Sometimes its fine for two consensual adults to just get buckwild without a lot of baggage. And men, it really is splendid when an independent woman doesn’t get offended but two things: 1) don’t push it and 2) don’t ever underestimate or be surprised by a women’s right/want to hit it just as much as you.


Monday Maxim

"Comin up short of the green guys
 And I might start slangin bean pies
 Or the bootleg t-shirt of the month
 With "U Can't Touch This" on the front
 I'm bout to get rich
 Cause life ain't nuttin but money and fuck a bitch"

Ice Cube “Steady Mobbin”

You always gotta have your side hustle, whether the economy is good or bad. And embrace that creative, d.i.y. side of things, we don’t have to rely on anyone else cuz we can do it for ourselves.


Ice Cube Presents Monday Maxim

We’re rolling out a new weekly feature, the Monday Maxim. We’re going to tell you how to run your life by culling maxims from the annals of hip hop quotables.

maxim |ˈmaksim|noun, a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct: the maxim that actions speak louder than words.

Ice Cube:

“And don’t give me that shit about role model
It ain’t wise to chastise and preach
Just open the eyes of each
Cause laws are made to be broken up”